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Save the Date

  • February 2:  LS PTF Meeting @ Dining Hall 8:30 am
  • February 7:  Quarter 3 Mid-term
  • February 8:  National Elementary Honor Society Induction @ Eckburg 9:00 am
  • February 15:  Welcome Home Wednesday for prospective families 9:30 am
  • February 17:  Georgia Day (Bring lunch from home!)

Good News

  • Avery Hutto (fourth grade) hosted the School Day Forecast segment on January 26th, 2017! Check out her fantastic forecast on our Savannah Christian Facebook page.

  • Liv Dugas (fourth grade) spoke to the March for Babies Kickoff crowd in support of the March of Dimes.   It’s great to see our young Raiders active in our community!

  • Middle School Principal Mike Crosby, Middle School Assistant Principal Linda Roberts, Middle School Counselor Emily Dixon, Art Teacher Laura Buss, and student representatives visited with our fifth graders on Monday, January 23rd.  Students learned what Middle School life is like, had the opportunity to ask questions, and received red Raider beads and face stickers!



Christ in Action

  • On Friday, January 27th, all four Fifth Grade classes participated in Banner Chapel.  Each student researched attributes of God and designed a banner to represent that attribute.  These colorful banners will hang in the hallway of Building 6 for the rest of the year.  

  • The Barnabas Chapel for Trustworthy will be held on Friday, February 3rd, at 8:45 am for 3rd-5th grades and 9:30 am for PreK-2nd grades.  Miss Crapse’s class will perform for both chapels as well.

What’s Coming Soon?

  • NEW after school activity sessions in Winter Cooking, Sweet Feet’s NEW 360 for grades 2-5, AAG gymnastics and Crazy 8s!  Go to for the information and registration forms.
    • For Grades 2-5: Sport Performance 360 is a sport performance program designed for athletes. We provide the most up to date instructional techniques to increase each athlete’s agility, balance, strength, power, and coordination to promote increased success in the sport of their choice.  We’ve combined functional training exercises that cover all sports and fitness levels to creat a class that all participants can benefit from! We educate students between the 2nd and 5th grade with a development program designed to elevate each participant’s level of athleticism!  Follow this link to register (or print the form below)
    • Winter Cooking will be offered by Janis Encapera, from Eti-Kit! The themes will be snowmen and valentines!
    • Join Crazy 8s, a new over-the-top after-school club designed to get kids fired up about math! Crazy 8s is where math meets mischief!

Classroom News

  • Mrs. Connelly’s fourth graders are currently reading Little House on the Prairie by Laura Ingalls Wilder. After reading chapter two “Crossing the Creek”, they wrote a paragraph and illustrated the families adventure of crossing a deep creek on their way to “Indian Country.” They also each wrote a prayer of thanksgiving that they would have prayed if they were one of the Ingalls’ children. 

  • Third grade visited Fort Pulaski on Thursday, January 12th.  Fort group leaders explained to them what was needed for the soldiers to live in the fort.  Students learned how to cook cornbread, stay warm, build houses, make candles, communicate with other forts, and much more.  Miss Crapse’s class made a model of Fort Pulaski.

  • Fourth grade students measured a solid and a liquid to make a polymer (snow)! Each 4th grade science class will be experimenting with a different polymer creature (gator, butterfly, worm) in water. The creatures will be mapped out on graph paper every day for a week. They hope to watch this hydrophilic (water loving) polymer grow. Science students have enjoyed discovering what polymers are and where they are found.


  • Second grade students used play dough to make land forms in Social Studies


Resource News

  • Our Technology and Music teachers collaborated using Quaver’s Music website, Quaver Arcade.  Miss Shealy loves these musical games that reinforce note duration, rhythms, and instrument recognition. The students don’t realize they are learning because they are too busy having fun!   (SCPS students can use this resource at home through Mrs. Porter’s website.)

  • Mrs. Bel’s class enjoys checking out library books in the Media Center. 


Did you Know?

  • Savannah Christian Preparatory Lower School participated in this year’s Mothers of Pre-Schoolers event.  MOPS is a fellowship and support outreach to mothers of children from birth through kindergarten for the Pooler and West Chatham area.