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Savannah Christian Preparatory School (SCPS) is an independent, non-denominational PK-12 college prep Christian school. We seek to glorify God by partnering with families, churches, and the local community in educating future generations through Christ-centered training, application, and example.

Founded as the Evangelical Bible Institute with eight boarding students in 1951 by the Rev. George and Mrs. Harold Deane Akins, the school originated with the following mission, “The Bible first, then teaching students how to live and how to make a living.”

SCPS has contributed to the education of more than 6,000 students during their educational journey. We currently have more than 4000 alumni, nearly 1,400 students on campus every day, nearly 1,200 current family households, and more than 200 employees. Our alumni live in 435 American cities spread out among 45 states, and 23 foreign cities in 16 countries representing 5 continents around the world.

Our Mission Statement

Developing the whole person to the glory of God

Our Vision Statement

A life-changing student experience

Our vision statement is the school’s affirmation that we prioritize the teaching and learning experience and will, with rigor and fidelity, hold true to our purpose. Athletics, arts, leadership, and service training are not co-curricular but central to the learning experience. We know that students involved in activities beyond the four classroom walls are more engaged in the learning experience. Therefore, our vision filters into every aspect of school life.