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The Fund is Savannah Christian's #1 fundraising priority!

Savannah Christian thrives from a tradition of annual giving. Supporting The Fund touches the lives of every student on campus. While tuition covers the cost of educating a student, it is the additional revenue from The Fund that helps keep tuition affordable while continuing to offer the exceptional college-preparatory education families have come to value at SCPS.

We ask that YOU make Savannah Christian a philanthropic priority each year.

SCPS relies on the generosity of our community to achieve this annual initiative to support growth and excellence across all programs and in addressing our school’s greatest needs. Gifts to The Fund demonstrate our community’s belief in and dedication to our vision of a life-changing student experience.

The Fund enhances every student's education and enrichment.

The Fund Q & As

Will my gift really make a difference?

Yes! A gift of any size is an endorsement for Savannah Christian and has a much broader impact than its financial support alone. We ask all families to engage at a level meaningful to them. Participation of our families demonstrates that our community values the education and experience that Savannah Christian provides and confirms their belief in the school’s mission. Your participation in The Fund sends a powerful message as an indicator of our community’s shared commitment to the success and sustainability of Savannah Christian.

Why do we have the Fund?

Supplementing tuition through charitable gifts helps keep tuition at a competitive rate and provides funding for educational programs and campus improvements that are essential to fulfilling our mission and enhancing the student-experience.

Why should I support the Fund when I already pay tuition?

While tuition covers the cost of educating a student, annual giving benefits the learning environment of each and every student and faculty member. Unlike public schools, SCPS does not receive any financial support from the local, state, or federal government. The Fund, along with other fund raisers held throughout the year, help to keep tuition as low as possible while continuing to offer the exceptional college-preparatory education families have come to expect at SCPS. Programming costs and campus enhancements are supplemented through gifts to The Fund where donations are fully tax-deductible, unlike tuition, providing an additional opportunity for you to receive an income tax donation on gifts to our school.

Questions about The Fund?

Please contact
Ellen Martin at (912) 721-2188 or [email protected]

The Fund renews each fiscal year on July 1 and runs through June 30.  All gifts are fully tax-deductible and are payable by June 30 so that they may be applied to the current year’s budget.  Unless specified, these gifts are unrestricted and available for immediate use in the areas of greatest need.