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The Georgia GOAL Scholarship Program is a remarkable opportunity to redirect your Georgia tax dollars to Savannah Christian Preparatory School for the purpose of providing financial aid assistance to SCPS students. In exchange for contributions to GOAL, taxpayers receive a 100% state income tax credit! This is a win for everyone!

“Because of GOAL, my daughter has been able to flourish in her education in ways that she may not have been able to in public school. GOAL Scholarship has allowed her to attend a school that helps her grow in spirit, mind, and body! I am forever grateful!”  – Parent of upper school student (9th)

“Our children are doing extremely well academically and socially at SCPS. We have no doubt that having the opportunity to choose a school that fits their needs (academically and religiously) is the difference.” -Parent of lower and middle school students (1st and 6th)

Please contact Debbie Fairbanks at 912-721-2114 or with any questions.