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Theater Production

Working behind the scenes of productions for both Middle & Upper School Drama classes, as well as, the annual spring musical, Theater Production is a class for students who might enjoy creating costumes, designing sets, building lighting designs, creating sound f/x, gathering/creating props, and organizing productions! We begin the course with team building: communication, cooperation, and critical thinking activities which give them skills to work well together. They take on leadership roles as stage manager or a leader of a design team, and they represent our school at both the GHSA Region and invitational levels.

Drama Classes

Upper and Middle School Students participate in exercises for vocal projection, pantomime, improvisation, auditioning, public speaking, & scene building. Through this course, they study various acting techniques used in the theater, such as Stanislavski, Stella Adler, Uta Hagen, and Chekhov, and how to adapt them to the stage. The basic history of theater and stage direction is covered. Students will deliver monologues, and audition for and perform in a variety of production throughout the year, such as the GHSA Region One Act Play Competition. Region Literary Oral Interpretation candidates are selected from this class to compete based on scores from monologue presentations.

Schoolwide Spring Musical

Savannah Christian Preparatory School annually produces classic Broadway musical productions with cast members comprised of 3rd through 12th grade students.

One of our primary goals is to provide students with opportunities to develop and showcase their talent. We also want students to experience the full range of a professional quality theater production, including auditions, casting, staging, props and costuming; acting, singing and dancing; lighting and sound; live audience presentation; and promotion and celebration.

We give families of cast members opportunities to enjoy a professional quality public forum for their students’ talents. We focus on providing various audiences with quality, family-friendly entertainment.

Productions are held annually in February or March at Trustees Theater or Lucas Theatre in downtown Savannah. Auditions are held in the fall and practices are held on the Savannah Christian Prep campus.

This year’s spring musical is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Cinderella Production
Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Cinderella Production
Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Cinderella Production
Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Cinderella Production