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We believe that study of the arts contributes to student achievement and success

The opportunities provided to all students at Savannah Christian Preparatory School to participate in and excel in visual and performing arts are an integral part of our school program.

We believe that all students benefit from the opportunity to learn about and experience the arts. Study of the arts in its many forms—whether as a stand-alone subject or integrated into the school curriculum—is an essential part of achieving success in school, work, and life. Through our arts programs, each student is able to choose his/her creative path and develop individual artistic abilities. All students are provided the opportunity to develop a life-long understanding of and appreciation for a variety of visual and performing arts. Whether a student shines on stage or thrives on the field at halftime playing in the marching band, there is a place in the arts program for him. Savannah Christian Preparatory School believes that providing opportunities for participation in visual and performing arts prepares students for college and for life!