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Welcome to the Savannah Christian Middle School!

Savannah Christian Middle School provides a nurturing Christian educational environment that strives to develop the whole person to the glory of God. Our Faculty and Staff demonstrate a love for the Lord and a love for others as we work to create a Christian family atmosphere that allows all students to feel safe and comfortable while learning. The middle school years are such pivotal years of growth for our students, and we are passionate about helping them flourish into the people that God has called them to be. As we begin our second year as one school on one campus, Savannah Christian Middle School embraces the role of being the bridge from Lower School to Upper School. It is an exciting time for SCPS!

We offer an excellent curriculum that allows our students to earn upper school credits while still in middle school. Our core subjects of English, Math, Science, History, and Bible challenge students to grow and prepare to be responsible citizens in their communities. Our elective courses offer a variety of opportunities for our students to explore their interests. Savannah Christian Middle School provides a strong, well-balanced educational experience that promotes student achievement.

Spiritual life for our middle school students is extremely important in their development. Our weekly Chapels create an important time for us to worship together as a Savannah Christian Family. Our Chapels feature messages from various Christian leaders in our community. Students will consistently receive the Word of God through Bible courses throughout the school year. Students will interact with Christian educators who care for them as people and strive to examine all subjects from a Biblical perspective. The most significant opportunity for spiritual growth can take place simply through interaction with each other. Whether in the Dining Hall at lunchtime, working on a project together in class, or passing each other in the hallway, we strive to be a family that encourages each other. We want our students to impact their community for His Glory positively.

Our extracurricular activities create a platform for students to use their God-given talents for His Glory. Whether through our SCPS Athletic Programs, our Fine Arts Programs, or our school clubs, our students will get an opportunity to learn and grow outside of the classroom. These programs help our students take ownership of their school. We want our Savannah Christian Middle School students to have an incredible life-changing experience that prepares them for the next chapter of their lives.

We sincerely appreciate the opportunity we get to serve at SCPS. Working with our students and their families is an honor and privilege.

It’s a great day to be a Raider!

In His Service,

Jamie Bopp, M.Ed.

Assistant Principal
Linda Bryant, Ed.D.

School Counselor
Tiffany Causey