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Lower School

The Lower School music program gives children the opportunity to explore both vocal and instrumental styles through weekly musical experiences. Our young musicians gain an understanding of basic musical concepts while providing a way for them to explore different ways to create music. Students in 3rd-5th grade have the opportunity to participate in a Lower School Choir after school.

Middle and Upper School


The Middle and Upper School Choirs focus on vocal performance through working towards showcasing their talent at multiple on and off campus events during the school year. Students in these choirs have the opportunity to learn and perform a diverse collection of music including classical, world, gospel, and popular repertoire. Our choirs also have opportunities to perform throughout the school year as a part of concerts, musical productions, chapel services, festivals, and community events.

Our Middle School choir is a group passionate about music and performing. Our Middle School students learn basic music theory, sight-reading, and ear-training skills. The objective of the Middle School Chorus program is to create singers who have enough knowledge and confidence to feel comfortable in any singing situation. Middle students can be a part of the GMEA District and State Honor Choirs. 

Our Upper School choir is a group of students who connect music with our school and surrounding community. Our Upper School students continue to develop their understanding of music theory, sight-reading, and ear-training skills. In addition to musical skills, our students are given leadership opportunities to serve our Middle and Lower School musicians. Through these experiences, our students are able to live out our school mission of Developing the Whole Person to the Glory of God.

Upper School students have the opportunity to participate in the GHSA Literary Competition in the categories of Trio, Quartet, Male & Female Solos; and the GMEA District and All-State Honor Choir.

Music Appreciation

In both our Middle School and Upper School music appreciation classes, students discover their creative potential through a variety of musical opportunities.

Our Middle School students explore music through the art forms of musical theater and film. Students learn about how the musical theater world runs. They then take that knowledge and apply it to create their own 10-minute musical. In the second half of this course, students learn how music in film affects the viewer’s emotions and perception of what they see. Students apply that knowledge to remix a movie trailer or scene of their choice.

Our Upper School students have the opportunity to create their own musical compositions. After a brief overview of basic music theory concepts, students use a keyboard and online software to become the next great composer. Through the length of this course, they discover their own musical abilities and find their voice. This course is for any student no matter their musical ability.