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Save the Date

  • February 6:  Barnabas Lunch Treat
  • February 7:  Quarter 3 Mid-term
  • February 8:  National Elementary Honor Society Induction @ Eckburg 9:00 am
  • February 15:  Welcome Home Wednesday for prospective families 9:30 am
  • February 17:  Georgia Day (Bring lunch from home!)
  • March 27- 31:  Lower School Standardized Testing

Good News

  • It is a joy and a privilege to announce that Savannah Christian Lower School has just been named one of the “Top 50 Private Schools in the USA!” This honor was bestowed upon us by the Council for American Private Schools (CAPE). CAPE will submit our Blue Ribbon Schools application to the Department of Education. Announcement of the Blue Ribbon Schools selections for 2016 will be made in late September. Read the full letter here.

  • The 100th Day of School was celebrated this week.  PreKindergarten, Kindergarten, and First Grade showed how they were “100 Days Smarter” with activities in the classroom.  Students could wear a t-shirt with 100 things on it (wiggly eyes, pom pom balls, stickers, and more) or dress as a 100 year old person! Check out these adorable pictures. 

  • Mrs. Ivey’s homeroom class was treated to a cupcake flag cake as Connor Daniel was their special guest speaker.  He shared his personal experience of the inauguration of President Trump last weekend complete with pictures, passes, coins, and pins.  It was great to hear the perspective of a young person’s experience of such a historic moment in history. Connor was part of special dinners and balls and was seated very close to the 45th president as he saw sworn in.  Well done, Connor.  


Christ in Action

  • Miss Crapse’s third grade class shared at both chapels on Friday about being “trustworthy.” Students in grades second through fifth were nominated for a Barnabas Award by their homeroom teachers and honored for this Christ-like trait.  They are invited to Mrs. Burnsed’s BLT (Barnabas Lunch Treat) on Monday.  Pizza will be served. Congratulations! 

  • The Barnabas characteristic for February is loving.  Mrs. Burnsed has updated her door display with information about this trait.  Stop by to learn more! 

  • Mrs. Hayes’ First Grade class has a plan for this upcoming Valentine’s Day!  Will you join us?  “Give Your Heart To Jesus!”


What’s Coming Soon?

  • Michelle L. Morris Photography will return to SCPS to offer spring portraits for our Lower School students.  For seven years, Michelle has taken breath-taking photos of our students that capture their very essence.  Look for upcoming information on how to schedule an appointment for this shoot taking place February 22 – March 1.  Visit Michelle’s web blog to see more:

Classroom News

  • In fourth grade language arts, students celebrated National Thesaurus Day (Jan. 18) by writing other words for “said.” Fourth graders also practiced a study skill of how to alphabetize words that begin with the same four letters. They used index cards to help them put words in order.

  • Fifth grade reading students are working together to make Kahoot! quizzes over their latest novel, Hatchet, for their classmates. Students compete in teams to answer questions on the SmartBoard as quickly as possible via the Chromebook.  Such a great student-response activity! We are so fortunate to have another Chromecart in fifth grade!

  • Students in fourth grade are studying time, data, and graphs. We used the Chromebooks and went to IXL to reinforce these skills.

  • Kindergarten has been studying geometric shapes and symmetry.  Check out their robots! 

  • Third grade is working on a “Love Project.” Finished projects will be displayed around campus, sent to soldiers overseas, and other places in the community. Each student’s artwork will include a Bible verse about God’s love. 

  • Mrs. Seller’s second graders had a great time researching their whale stories using a website called “” and new iPads purchased with Annual Funds.  Thank you to Mrs. Crosby for assisting Mrs. Sellers with teaching the students how to navigate the website. Students learned to cite important facts, paraphrase those facts themselves, write their reports, and illustrate their stories! Excellent work Mrs. Seller’s class! (A very special thank-you to the many donors of Annual Funds!)

  • Cool science from Fifth Grade: The law of inertia, Isaac Newton’s First Law of Motion, states that an object tends to stay at rest, or in straight line motion, if no outside force acts upon that object. It can also be described as the resistance of any object to change its motion. Using inertia, we can drop a quarter into a cup without touching it.  How? Place the index card over the cup’s opening. Place the quarter on the index card directly over the center of the opening on the cup. With a fast motion, flick the index card straight out from under the quarter and watch the quarter fall into the cup. The inertia of every object resists the change in motion. In this case, the inertia of the quarter held it in place while the index card was flicked out from under it. The force acting on the index card was not applied to the quarter. After the index card was moved from under the coin, gravity supplied the force to bring the quarter down into the cup. If a force had been applied to both the card and the quarter, then both would have moved and the quarter would not have fallen into the cup.


Resource News

  • Reading Counts awards were handed out on Friday by Mrs. Crosby:  250 points to Matthew Carpenter, Lauren Willcoxon, Emilija Ickovic, and Sarah Hagan.  500 points to Aarya Patel and Jiya Patel.  Sarah Hagan also joined the Millionaire’s Club by reading 1,412,895 words and counting!!

  • Our 4th and 5th grade students are really enjoying the new iPads that the Media Center received from the Annual Fund! 

  • Mrs. Crosby read a book to the fourth grade by Gene Barretta, Now & Ben, about the inventions created by Ben Franklin.  The students had just finished studying about him in social studies.  Did you know that he invented the “grabber” and our modern day high chair?  


  • Mrs. Gray wants YOU to know that Artsonia is having a Valentine’s Day sale.  Please check out our school’s online art museum on Artsonia to see artwork made by your wonderful young artists.  These special artworks make great gifts for loved ones on Valentine’s Day. Here is the link:  Thank you so much for sharing and supporting the Art program at SCPS.