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Save the Date

  • Middle School visits Fifth Grade: January 23rd at 8:45 am
  • Welcome Home Wednesday: January 25th at 9:30 am
  • MS Groundbreaking Ceremony: January 26th at 9:30 am
  • Banner Chapel (Fifth Grade): January 27th at 9:30 am  in Eckburg

Good News

  • The Sheriff of Chatham County was so moved by our students’ Christmas cards made during Homecoming that he would like to personally come to the school to thank our children for their efforts!  He will speak following our Fifth Grade Banner Chapel on January 27th.
  • Christopher Maxwell Eubank “Max” was born on January 16 weighing 7 lbs and 11 oz and was 21 ½ inches long!  Please join us in praying for God’s continued blessings on the Eubank family!  

Christ in Action

  • Second Grade performed their Inaugural and Presidential Chapel today. Many interesting facts about our presidents were shared by our students. Did you know President William McKinley’s wife, Ida, hated the color yellow and banned it from the White House. She even ordered gardeners to pull up all the yellow flowers!

What’s Coming Soon?

  • New sessions of Sweet Feet, Winter Cooking, and Crazy 8s (and other SCPS after school activities) will be starting up SOON. Visit the website at for the latest information.

Classroom News

  • Writing met science in fourth grade! Meet their “Melting Snowmen.” Students crafted wonderful stories explaining why their snowman melted.

  • Students learned more about Martin Luther King, Jr. across grade levels.  Fifth wrote about their “dreams” and Kindergarten made a craft and completed writing about how they could make the world a better place!


  • Our second group of Fifth Graders had a blast at StarBase! They built rockets, acted in a CSI investigation to solve a crime using chemistry, and learned how to build elements and compounds! They can even tell you what a solvent is! 


  • Third grade used Chromebooks and Google Docs to practice adjectives. Students found adjectives to describe the wonderful way God made them and learned to share Docs with the Google Docs program.

  • Students across grade levels and campuses were able to watch the 2017 Inauguration Ceremony via live streaming on Friday.  Teachers and parents were impressed by seeing our children stand for the anthem and bow their heads in prayer along with the speakers without any prompting.

  • First grade attended a field trip to Oatland Island.  It was fun to apply what students had learned in the classroom about living and non-living things to what they were observing in nature.

  • Mr. Nibbles and Kindergarten loved learning about arctic animals and snow! Students learned that most polar bear paws are at least 12 inches in diameter. Each student made their own paw, and they measured in polar bear paws how far from our classroom to the library it would be. It took us 69 polar bear paws!! After returning to the classroom, students compared how big bear paws are to their own feet. The students were in awe!  

Resource News

  • In art, Kindergarten learned about geometric shapes. Students created an original cityscape using geometric shapes and painted them using liquid watercolors.

  • The Breakfast Book Club met in January to discuss their favorite books for the month.  Click here to read their suggestions.
  • In chapel this week, Mrs. Crosby was delighted to present Reading Counts awards to Logan Myers, Elliott Oliver, and Walt Tindol (250 point certificates). Allie Baja and Jason Lim were both awarded a 500 point certificate.  Earning a Millionaire t-shirt was Skylar Thorton! She has read over 1,022,162 words so far this year!


Did you Know?

  • If your child has misplaced a jacket, sweatshirt, or coat, please have them check our “lost and found” in the Blue Room.
  • On cold weather days, students may want to take advantage of the warmer uniform clothing options: sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, pants (boys and girls), and long sleeved polos and oxfords.  (For girls: black, white or navy tights and leggings are approved. Leggings must be worn with white or matching socks. White or matching socks may also be worn with tights.)  *LS is no longer observing cold weather non-uniform days.