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  • Full Time
  • Savannah, GA
  • This position has been filled

Savannah Christian Preparatory School


The Fund Accounting Manager is responsible for the day to day management and leadership of the accounting department and reports directly to the CFO. The Fund Accounting Manager will hold a suitable academic degree (e.g., B.B.A, M.B.A., CPA a plus) and be experienced in applying related GAAP and Non-GAAP methodologies in a multi-fund based environment, preferably with 7 years related supervisory experience in, or knowledge of, independent private school operations (Blackbaud software experience required). Further, the Fund Accounting Manager will be a faithful member of a Christian church.

Goals & Results

  1. Develop and maintain an accounting department that aligns human resource utilization with the business office’s mission of ensuring proper financial stewardship, transaction coding accuracy, timely recording and reporting of funds, and inter-fund transactions.
  2. Establish a systematic approach to meeting monthly financial reporting deadlines.
  3. Coordinate business office functions so that stakeholders experience efficiency in business services.
  4. Maintain financial accounting and reporting policies and procedures to foster financial stewardship.
  5. Monitor the system of cost controls to ensure efficient use of the school’s financial resources.
  6. Contribute to an environment of cooperation, care, and service in the finance/business office.

Experience / Competencies


  • Serve and support the chief financial officer as a team leading member of the accounting department. Additionally, maintain collaborative relationships with other members of the senior administrative team; to maintain cordial relationships with employees; to maintain professional and cordial relationships with parents and other clients.
  • Assist and collaborate with the chief financial officer in the management of the school’s auxiliary service transactions: e.g., transportation services, and other areas as directed.
  • Prepare monthly financial reports for the chief financial officer and Finance Committee, and to serve as a liaison with auditors, bankers, and regulators.
  • Supervise the business office personnel in accordance with school policy.
  • Carry out other duties as assigned by the chief financial officer.

Financial Accountability:

  • Oversee recording of accounting and financial transactions and reporting by developing day to day processes that include but are not limited to:
    • Prepare monthly bank reconciliations; to ensure proper recording of all money collected and deposited; to ensure proper general ledger classification of restricted and unrestricted cash receipts.
    • Supervise and record distribution and collection of petty cash boxes when applicable.
    • Responsible for preparing and recording journal entries, maintaining the general ledger and related accuracy of asset, liability, deferred, custodial and fund net asset accounts.
    • Support the CFO in maintaining the school’s banking relationships: deposit accounts, loan and financial instruments, cash-flow management, etc.
    • Oversee and ensure proper recording of Annual Giving, Capital Campaign, and other “special event” fundraising monies.
  • Compile budget information; to prepare in collaboration with the chief financial officer the school’s annual budget; to maintain annual files of budget details.
    • Provide regular, timely budgetary accounting reports to CFO.

Auxiliary business operations:

  • Support Human Resources officer.
  • Ensure the proper maintenance and storage of all accounting and related supporting documents in accordance with the school’s record retention policy.
  • Assist in the overseeing and reviewing the accounting policies and procedures of the school; to serve the school’s Risk Manager in the prevention, detection, and remediation of exposure for financial or property loss.
  • Prepare for review the documentation necessary to coordinate the annual audit of the school’s Financial Statement of Activities and 401(k) retirement plan.
  • Assist in the preparation for review all forms, reports, and documents required by the IRS and other government/regulatory agencies.
  • Collaborate and communicate with other accounting team members as necessary in order to achieve the school’s financial mission.

Core Behavioral and Character Traits

  • Impeccable Integrity
  • Deeply Relational
  • Value exceptional teamwork
  • Adhere to high standards of excellence
  • Possess and value Intellect
  • Continuous Learner
  • Adaptive—willing to embrace and promote change