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  1. Tell us about your history as an SCPS student

I was at Savannah Christian for 7 years and graduated in 2008. I played soccer for school from 8th grade through my senior year.

  1. What is your favorite memory from SCPS? 

Throwing 10 minute parties on the tennis courts between classes.

  1. What did you do after graduation? 

I received my bachelors of science in interior design from Auburn University. Then moved to Atlanta where I began my career at the top design firm in the world for hospitality design. Now, 10 years later, I am working at Studio 11 where I have helped open their Atlanta office in the heart of midtown.

  1. What led you to work at Hotel Indigo? 

Upon joining Studio 11, I was asked if I had an up-to-date passport. We work on a wide variety of luxury and lifestyle hotels throughout the States and Caribbean and I was lucky enough to be placed on the Hotel Indigo Barbados as project manager. Barbados is a booming travel destination and this hotel will be the gem of the south end. (Look out for direct Delta flights in November of this year!)

  1. What does the hotel design process entail? 

We always start with a story. At our core, we are storytellers creating the guest experience. The story serves as a guiding principle for each of the following design phases. We do extensive research and add an authenticity to our projects by exploring outside influences like historical references, local vernacular, nature, graphics and art. We collaborate with the architect, the hotel brand, the hotel owner, and a myriad of consultants on the job to produce full sets of construction drawings and furniture specifications. We consider the project to be complete after we’ve brought our client’s story to life.

  1. What experiences at SCPS prepared you for this stage of your life?

Multitasking is a huge part of my job. I am typically working on at least 3 projects at once, all in different design phases so time management becomes paramount. At Savannah Christian, it was a similar situation. I was fully tasked with required classes, AP classes, and varsity sports. In order to keep on top of everything, you had to learn how to manage your time appropriately. 

  1. Is there anything else you’d like to share with fellow alumni? 

I live in Atlanta if anyone ever wants to grab a drink 🙂