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Camp R.E.D. C.H.A.O.S. isn’t the only thing running this summer at Savannah Christian Prep. A movie crew recently set up in the cafeteria to film a scene for an upcoming feature film, In Search of Liberty. The film has been in pre-production since April and is a G-rated drama that aims to educate viewers about the U.S. Constitution. It centers around an American family that stars local celebrity chef Bobby Deen as the dad. “You all have an amazing campus with great facilities,” said Bobby between takes. “That baseball diamond is especially good-looking.”

In Search of Liberty is produced by SCPS dad Chip Lane, whose son John graduated in 2014 and son Jack is an upcoming sophomore. Chip, along with the film’s location scouts and production crew, were on campus in May and selected the cafeteria and pecan grove for scenes. “This facility is perfect for the scene. It reflects what I was thinking, Anywhere, USA,” said Tom Solari, writer of the film. The cafeteria scene depicts a town hall meeting that turns into a protest. “I look forward to coming back to shoot in the pecan grove — it’s just beautiful out here,” added Tom. The crew will return to campus in July for the festival scene in the pecan grove.