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Save the Date

  • Monday, May 22nd~5th grade field trip to the Mighty Eighth Museum
  • Monday, May 22nd~3rd grade field trip to the Jacksonville Zoo
  • Tuesday, May 23~Friday, May 26th are all half days
  • Thursday, May 25th   9:00 am 5th grade yearly honors and sports awards (Dining Hall)  
  • Thursday, May 25th  10:00 am 4th grade yearly honors and awards (Dining Hall)
  • Friday, May 26th    9:00 am 3rd grade yearly honors/PreK~2nd grade Perfect Attendance (Dining Hall)

Christ in Action

  • The Barnabas recipients enjoyed the Barnabas Lunch Treat on Monday!  Mrs. Burnsed valued the time with the children!  We are thankful for those compassionate students!  

Special Recognition

  • SCPS Troop 30027 were present to receive the Girl Scout Bronze Award on Sunday, May 7th at the Girl Scout High Awards Ceremony at the Elks Lodge in Savannah. Many other Girl Scouts and Troops from the surrounding area also were present to receive their High Awards.  The Bronze Award is the Highest Award a Junior Level Girl Scout can earn for a community service project. Troop 30027 implemented a crayon and marker recycling program for the SCPS Lower School and some of the Daycare classrooms.  From Left to Right: Kate Sibunka  Troop 30027 Leader, Tessa Douglass, Anna Shinn, Nora Tin and Sydnee Ulmer.   Not pictured: Emily Bryk and Ella Speir.

  • Prenav Patel took first place in the city-wide Quick-Think-a-Thon in May! A contest for second grade students, it focuses on teaching children how to recognize “stranger danger” and to be safe in many situations. Sponsored by the Exchange Club of Savannah, participants represented seven private schools.  As a result of Prenav’s victory, the entire second grade at SCPS was treated to a pizza lunch this past week!

  • Check out these pictures of Griffin Graham’s cabbage! He brought it home from school, planted it, and it GREW. He harvested it over Mother’s Day weekend, and he is so proud!!! Griffin’s family will be eating a lot of steamed cabbage and making batches and batches of coleslaw. Mako (his bearded dragon) also loves it and will be eating large for quite awhile!!!

  • A budding artist and cartoonist, Jimmy Kelley has been creating his own cartoons for years.  He creates the story line and interactions between his characters.  He then draws each frame with amazing intricacy!  The sky’s the limit for this creative young man!  Did we mention that he is just in 4th grade?

Classroom News

  • PreKindergarten enjoyed a lively and noisy day of bowling last week!

  • Kindergarten visited the botanical gardens at Georgia Southern University on Friday.

  • Mrs. Roberson came to visit Mrs. Sellers’ class last week.  The students got to see a sample of jasper, a gemstone they can look forward to possibly seeing in the walls of heaven one day. Each student got to keep a small piece of polished jasper to remind them. The class also learned about salt and its ability to lower temperature by making ice cream in a baggie! Thank you, Mrs. Roberson!

  • Second grade was honored to have third graders as guests in their classrooms on Wednesday. Third grade students wrote letters to the second graders giving them lots of advice and information about what’s to come!

  • Third grade played pass the book – the YEARBOOK! Students asked if they should sign their first AND last names.  Mrs. McClain advised they may want to do so, since they might meet many students with the same first names during their school years.

  • As a culminating activity for their unit on force and motion, Mrs. Wigand’s class participated in a lab hosted by Mrs. Barnwell and some of her AP Physics I and Science and Engineering Club students.  Mrs. Barnwell’s AP Physics students led small groups of Mrs. Wigand’s students in performing a lab to find the average velocity of a motorized car.  Students timed the car and marked the distance it traveled.  Then they used the formula velocity equals distance divided by time to calculate their results.  As an extra treat, Mrs. Wigand’s students were given a demonstration of the award winning battery powered go-kart built by the Science and Engineering Club.  Later, Mrs. Wigand’s students discussed the simple machines used in the go-kart and drew designs for their own go-karts.  Each student earned a  Masters of Velocity certificate!


  • Miss Puff’s math classes went into the Theatre business! “You are now in charge of operating a new movie theatre. You even get to make a few of the decision as you build the theatre, and then you will be in charge of keeping track of data as your movie theatre opens and begins showing movies. You will put your math skills to the test as you work to gather information. Have fun!

  • Fourth grade students had a great time on their field trip to Charleston!  A walking tour started their day and they ended at the SC Aquarium. Kelly Tours does a fantastic job with this trip, and we thank them for their support of SCPS.


  • Fifth graders in Mrs. Parr’s math classes enjoyed learning about volume by measuring the volume of candy bars! Educational and delicious!!


Enrichment News

  • Talent Show 2017 was a tremendous success!  Lower School students showcased their talents for their classmates in Eckburg last Monday.  Special thanks to Mrs. Maish and Mrs. Porter for organizing this event.  Lucas Walden and Kylie Murray were spectacular emcees.  We hope you enjoyed the show!

  • The Lower School has been awarded a grant from Whole Kids Foundation and The Bee Cause project to receive an observational bee hive. These two organizations have partnered together to help save bees through education, observation, and hands on care. The beehive will be installed in the library and will BEE part of the Catalyst program next year.  

  • The Breakfast Book Club had their final meeting in May.  Thank you to Mrs. Crosby and Mrs. Olson for sponsoring this before school activity.  You can read their book recommendations and find some great summer reading!

Did You Know?

  • The Class of 2017 participated in the tradition of the Senior Walk through the Lower School Classrooms.  Our youngest Raiders love seeing the seniors and cheered them on as they leave SCPS.  Our LS teachers also wore their college t-shirts in support of the Class of 2017.