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Meet Jimmy Kelley- an artist, writer, legacy SCPS student and overall great kid who has a knack for writing comic books at the age of 10!  

Jimmy was featured in Savannah Magazine as one of Savannah’s super talented and gifted children.  Our faculty and staff began in November by nominating super star students who had a specialty gift or talent that distinguishes them from other students.  It didn’t take second grade teacher, Amy Perry, long to think of the highly imaginative and artistically gifted student, Jimmy Kelley, who turned his creativity into stories that he could share with his classmates!  Where does this inspiration come from?  “It’s all in my brain.  I always take a vitamin of imagination everyday.”

The name Jimmy Kelley might sound familiar!  Jimmy Kelley, class of 1993, and his wife, Katie, are the proud parents of this fourth grader at SCPS!

Read Savannah Magazine’s article in the photo below.  Thank you to the publisher and editor for selecting Jimmy and for allowing us to share their fine article with our school community!