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This 2017 season’s SCPS Girls’ Lacrosse team underwent many changes, including additional team members and a new coach. Though the team consisted mostly of lower classmen who had never played lacrosse, they started the season strong. The older girls commented on how impressed they were with the new players’ performances. The new coach Alison Smith was welcomed warmly, and many of the girls bonded with her throughout the season. The season contained many highlights, such as the Richmond Hill game when the girls went into over time and won by a single point. Another important game was the Hilton Head game, which the girls won for the first time in 3 years. The team even played and won against a team from New York City. The 2017 girls’ lacrosse team did very well this season with only three losses. Many of the girls were very proud of their teammates and how well they all worked together during the season.

Date Against Raiders Other
2/11/2017 Mayriver 13 0 Win
2/11/2017 Hilton Head 9 4 Win
2/11/2017 Richmond Hill 19 0 Win
2/16/2017 Blufton 3 9 Loss
2/18/2017 Academic Magnet 7 5 Win
2/21/2017 May River 18 0 Win
3/1/2017 Hilton Head 8 6 Win
3/2/2017 Richmond Hill 12 11 Win
3/8/2017 Blufton 7 9 Win
3/9/2017 May River 14 3 Win
3/22/2017 Richmond Hill 12 11 Win
3/24/2017 May River 16 2 Win
3/28/2017 Poly Prep 4 9 Loss