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Under the leadership of Coach Evan Haire and Joe Redding, the boys’ lacrosse team displayed resilience, hard work, and commitment in their games. They managed to procure eight victories out of thirteen games and a win in the first playoff against Effingham (a victory that was made even more sweet by the fact that they had been defeated by Effingham earlier in the year) before their season was ended with a loss in a hard fought second playoff game to Savannah Lacrosse. According to Coach Haire, the lacrosse season was one underlined by the development of the players’ craft. He also spoke of demanding perfection from the players, which has allowed them to enjoy the fruits of their labor with their advancement in playoffs and improvement throughout the season.

vs. Bluffton HS Loss: 5-8
vs. Savannah Lacrosse Club Loss: 15-17
vs. May River Win: 15-8
vs. Beaufort HS Win: 12-6
vs. Effingham HS Loss: 2-9
vs. May River HS Win: 14-13
vs. Rock Hill Lacrosse Club Win: 20-9
vs. Richmond Hill HS Win: 14-10
vs. Effingham HS
vs. Savannah Lacrosse Club Loss: 8-15
vs. Goose Creek Lacrosse Club Win: 19-2
vs. Richmond Hill Win: 16-9
vs. Camden Military Win: 13-7
vs. Cusabo Lacrosse Club Loss: 11-17
Playoff (vs. Effingham) Win: 14-7
Playoff (vs. Savannah Lacrosse) Loss: 3-18