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The SCPS baseball team has had yet another unbelievably successful year. After having an almost perfect season, the boys went on to become region champs. They started off with an amazing win against Jenkins (10-0) and went on to beat other great teams like, McIntosh County Academy, Montgomery County, and Portal. To get to their top spot in the rankings, the Raiders had to beat Holy Innocents Episcopal and they did not fall short. Since their win against Holy Innocents Episcopal, they have been ranked the number one team in the state for the class A private division.

Pierce County 3-2 (L)
Brantley County 9-8 (W)
Charlton County 2-0 (W)
Jenkins 10-0 (W)
Wayne County 3-2 (W)
Bacon County 3-2 (W)
McIntosh County Academy 12-0 (W)
Pierce County 6-3 (W)
Montgomery County 23-0 (W)
Savannah Country Day 10-1 (W)
Holy Innocents Episcopal 2-1 (W)
Portal 15-0 (W)
Claxton 9-5 (W)
Emanuel County Institute 2-1 (W)
Treutlen 13-3 (W)
Jenkins County 5-3 (W)
Lone Peak 5-3 (W)
Nova 8-4 (L)
O’Fallon 1-0 (L)
St. Rita 6-2 (W)
Johnson County 8-0 (W)
Calvary Day 10-0 (W)
Wheeler County 9-0 (W)
Walker 6-5 (W)
Emanuel County Institute 9-2 (W)
Emanuel County Institute 8-2 (W)
Charlton County 4-0 (W)
Jenkins 13-1 (W)