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Save the Date

  • March 10-17: Spring Break!
  • March 20:  Class Pictures (Wear Uniforms!)
  • March 27- 31:  Lower School Standardized Testing (click ParentLetterSAT for more information)

Good News

  • Mrs. Hayes’ class was able to enjoy a class party with Leopold’s Ice Cream!  This was all thanks to Olivia’s winning entry in the Leopold’s Creative Writing Challenge.  It was delicious!  Chocolate chip was the class favorite!  

  • The prince is having a ball, and so are we!  Third grade had a blast at SCPS’s Cinderella last Thursday.

Christ in Action

  • Barnabas nominees for Loving enjoyed the BLT (Barnabas Lunch Treat) on Monday, March 6th. 

  • The Barnabas characteristic for March is diligent.  Stop by Mrs. Burnsed’s door for information on how to show diligence and how God instructs us to be diligent! 

What’s Coming Soon?

  • Class pictures will be held Monday, March 20th.  All students must be in uniform.  Boys and girls should wear their nicest red or white shirts.  Only red sweaters may be worn as outerwear for the picture.  Picture orders are due March 20th. Checks may be made payable to SCPS. (If you order online, you will be required to pay the sales tax.)

Classroom News

  • Trapper Jack came to visit Pre-K this week and shared his knowledge of alligators and other animals in the wild!

  • Third Grade celebrated Dr. Seuss’ birthday by creating an interactive biography page. Then they paired up to writing Seuss inspired rhyming stories. Accelerated writing and reading fourth grade students celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by using his books to design posters that included illustrated sentences, rhyming word pairs, and alphabetized words.

  • Check out Mrs. Brown’s Great Depression soup kitchen/bread line! She served government cheese, week-old bread, and soup made from a recipe of her Grandma Betsy’s from when she was growing up during the Great Depression.  After weeks of studying World War I, the Stock Market Crash, and the Great Depression, the students analyzed photographs using primary sources from the time to better understand what life was like for Americans during the Depression. 

  • Second grade has been learning about the continents and oceans.  The students were given a week and a half to learn the placement of these on a map. Kenzo brought in this beautiful picture that he painted! Kenzo took an assignment and made it distinguished.  As we already know, anything worth doing is worth doing well.  

  • Mrs. Connelly’s third grade reading class enjoyed the story “Ramona Forever” by Beverly Cleary.  They spent time creating a timeline of the main events in the story by using the app “Story Maker” on their iPads.

  • Fifth graders love to free write!  We dedicate the first five minutes of every class to journal writing. It’s just WRITE!

  • Would YOU make a good Tooth Fairy?  Our PreK students would!

  • During the third grade biography projects, students began to realize that some of their famous people were connected with each other.
    • Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were friends, and they enjoyed listening to the Beatles.
    • Bill Gates has a secret library collection where he keeps an original journal from Leonardo da Vinci. Gates paid $30 million dollars for that journal.
    • The Beatles were able to meet Elvis Presley in 1965.


Resource News

  • First grade created their own Monet-inspired “Flower Garden with Japanese Bridge” in Art class.  After learning about the Impressionist painter, Claude Monet, students made their own interpretations using both water colors and tempera paints.