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Save the Date

  • March 20:  Welcome Back!  Class Pictures (Wear Uniforms!)
  • March 22:  PreK Field Trip to Ottawa Farms
  • March 24:  Report Cards go home
  • March 27- 31:  Lower School Standardized Testing (Click ParentLetterSAT for more information.)

Good News

  • Usually “X” marks the spot, but this time our dear Mr. Thomas marks the spot!  The question is for what… Guess you will have to wait and see until after you return from spring break!

Christ in Action

  • In Bible last week, Miss Puff’s students learned about St. Patrick. Many students were shocked to know that St. Patrick was a real person. They watched a brief video explaining St. Patrick’s life: growing up in England, being sold into slavery in Ireland, going to school to become a bishop after escaping slavery, and then feeling called to minister to the pagans back in Ireland. While in Ireland, legend has it that St. Patrick used a clover to show how the trinity represented three people (three leaves) in one person (one clover). The Lord used St. Patrick to bring many people to Christ. Students decorated their own clovers to show that the trinity is three in one (and also to be festive and relevant to the upcoming St. Patrick’s Day). 

What’s Coming Soon?

  • Class pictures will be held Monday, March 20th.  All students must be in uniform.  Boys and girls should wear their nicest red or white shirts.  Only red sweaters may be worn as outerwear for the picture.  Picture orders are due March 20th. Checks may be made payable to SCPS. (If you order online, you will be required to pay the sales tax.)

Classroom News

  • A leprechaun visited PreKindergarten classrooms while they were on the playground! He was too fast to catch but he left some gold behind! 

  • Mrs. Lucas’s Kindergarten class did a science experiment (walking rainbow) with mixing colors.  The students watched the yellow, red and blue colors walk to the empty cups to make orange, purple and green. The paper towels were used to carry the colored water.

  • Using pennies, lucky gold coins, and leprechaun pots the students in Mrs. Kelly Wells’ class predicted and tested if objects would sink or float in water. The children were then rewarded with a gold coin for their hard work! 

  • Fourth grade students completed a social studies project called the ABCs of the Revolutionary War.  Mrs. Caruthers looks forward to displaying them in our newly-painted hallway soon.

  • Third grade classes completed an art project based off of the book “The Snowy Day.” They began with an illustration book walk to complete the “See, Think, Wonder” chart. Then, in art class, students designed an illustration of a snowy day using pastel chalks, cut outs, and mod-podge. The students concluded the project with a Snowy Day writing practicing their paragraph skills.  

  • Miss Puff held a “Market Day” with her fourth grade math classes.  Students earned “money” for their checkbooks by doing all sorts of great things. Money may also be deducted from their checkbooks. Last week, students brought items from home that they “sold” at their Market Day.  What a fun reward system!

  • Before writing business letters, our fifth grade students did lots of research to find out more about the companies with whom they would like to correspond.

  • Mrs. Connelly’s fourth grade reading class has enjoyed reading two of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books this year. They recently created pictures and have written paragraphs of their favorite scenes from Little House on the Prairie.

  • Accelerated writing and reading fourth grade students celebrated Dr. Seuss Day by using his books to design posters that included illustrated sentences, rhyming word pairs, and alphabetized words.

Resource News

  • PreKindergarten made beautiful Easter Eggs collages using colorful, pattern papers in Art.

  • Kindergarten learned how to create patterns using shapes and lines.  Students brainstormed to think of as many shapes and lines as they could.  They created colorful patterns using these shapes and lines and painted the background for their patterns with watercolor paint.  Kindergarten also experimented coloring with texture plates.  Students drew an original design, placed a different textured plate under their paper for each shape in their design, and colored over the plate to create a multi-textural drawing.


Did You Know?

  • Miss Shealy is getting married!!  The Sunshine Committee at the Lower School showered Rebecca Shealy with love at their faculty meeting in March.  Congratulations to Rebecca and Rhett Maish on their upcoming nuptials!