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Save the Date

  • Christmas Holidays December 21 through January 4.  Students return on January 5th!
  • Welcome Home Wednesday: January 11th at 9:30 am
  • Conference Day (No School for LS Students): January 13th
  • Fifth Grade Starbase (Group 2): January 17-20

Christ in Action

  • The Barnabas chapel for “Hardworking” will be held on Friday, January 6th, in the Dining Hall.  Third through Fifth grade will be honored at our 8:45 am chapel, and Second grade will receive their certificates at the 9:30 am chapel.
  • The First Annual Second Grade Carols and Cookies took place on Monday in the Blue Room.  Students told the Christmas story, revealed some Christmas Trivia (Did you know Oklahoma was the last state to declare Christmas a legal holiday?), and sang some carols.  Cookies (and milk) were enjoyed following this new Christmas tradition.


What’s Coming Soon?

  • New sessions of SCPS’s after school activities will be starting up for second semester. Visit the website at for the latest information on Snapology, Breakfast Book Club, Sweet Feet, Gymnastics, Crazy 8s Math, and more.
  • A new chapel schedule will begin for the Lower School starting January 6, 2017.  
    • Third through Fifth grades will attend chapel in the Dining Hall from 8:45 am – 9:15 am on Friday mornings.
    • PreKindergarten through Second grades will attend chapel in the Dining Hall from 9:30 am – 10:00 am on Friday mornings.

Classroom News

  • Kindergarten held “Dr. Suess Day” in December. They made Grinch kabobs at snack with grapes, bananas, strawberries, and marshmallows. Grinch dust was made to spread in yards on Christmas Eve to keep the Grinch from ruining Christmas cheer, Grinch floats with sprite and lime sherbet were enjoyed, and the 5th graders stopped by to help make Grinch headbands! Last (but not least), Kindergarteners did a little science experiment and made sparkling Grinch putty! The Grinch also dropped off candy canes that were all turned green because he licked them all!!!  Throughout the day, Kindergarten worked on sentence structure with a sentence about the Grinch, adjectives that describe the Grinch, and also listened to the story and watched the original cartoon of the movie, “How the Grinch stole Christmas.”  Then, they compared the differences.

  • Third graders had a fun day of learning rotating through all third grade classes to enjoy various activities!  In Mrs. Olson’s class, students used computer skills to manipulate Christmas themed games.  In Mrs. Wright’s room, students watched a movie related to a novel that some groups read during novel studies. Math was the name of the game in Miss Crapse’s room.  Students worked in groups to write stories about their “Crazy Christmas Socks” using story cubes and imagination in Mrs. Wigand’s room.

  • Third grade students created world maps as part of their geography unit. They labeled continents, oceans, Equator, and Prime Meridian They identified the Northern, Southern, Western, Eastern Hemispheres, Tropic of Cancer, Tropic of Capricorn,  and the Arctic Circle.

  • Fourth grade students collaborated on their study guides on division and multiplication. They had the opportunity to share with each other in small groups how they remembered the content from the chapter and quizzes each other, too. 

  • Mrs. Parr’s fifth graders made up their own “Wintery Word Problems.”  Writing extends to all areas of the curriculum – even math!


  • Fifth grade participated in map games during a “50 States Class Races” review. The grand prize was doughnuts!!

Resource News

  • In Art Workshop, PreKindergarten through Second Grade students drew “Cats” inspired by artist Laurel Burch. “My paintings are the most intimate portrayals of all that is precious to me…my greatest joy is to offer them in forms that enhance and brighten the lives of kindred spirits all around the globe.”

  • Mrs. Crosby just loves to see students reading in the Media Center. These two sweet girls were relaxing and reading on a rainy Monday.

  • The Breakfast Book Club met in December to discuss the interesting books they are reading.  Click HERE to read their blog and get their reviews and recommendations.  If a student would like to join the Breakfast Book Club, visit our after school activities website at or click Breakfast Book Club registration to sign up.