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Save the Date

  • School Holiday (Martin Luther King, Jr. Day): Monday, January 16
  • Fifth Grade Starbase (Group 2): January 17-20
  • Early Admissions Entrance Testing:  January 21  
  • Middle School visits Fifth Grade: January 23rd at 8:45 am
  • Welcome Home Wednesday: January 25th at 9:30 am
  • MS Groundbreaking Ceremony: January 26th at 9:30 am
  • Banner Chapel (Fifth Grade): January 27th at 9:30 am  in Eckburg

Good News

  • The Sheriff of Chatham County was so moved by our students’ Christmas cards made during Homecoming week that he would like to personally come to the school to thank our children for their efforts!  This will take place at the Fifth Grade Banner Chapel.
  • The November and December Barnabas Lunch Treat was held on Monday, January 9th.  Students who were selected for displaying hard-work, were treated to a pizza lunch with Mrs. Burnsed, School Counselor.  We are so proud of the effort these students show in all that they do!  

Christ in Action

  • The Barnabas characteristic for January is being trustworthy.  Mrs. Burnsed has updated her door display with information about this trait.  Stop by to learn more! 

What’s Coming Soon?

  • New sessions of SCPS’s after school activities will be starting up for second semester. Visit the website at for the latest information on Snapology, Breakfast Book Club, Crazy 8s Math and more.

Classroom News

  • Kindergarten has been studying penguins. Check out their cute fact sheets and creative penguins!

  • Mrs. Caruthers’ reading class just finished the novel Indian in the Cupboard. The students made flip book drawings of the story.

  • Fourth grade science students dropped a full sheet of paper and a crumbled up sheet of paper to investigate air resistance. Which do you think had the least amount of air resistance and therefore hit the floor first? 

Resource News

  • In Art, students learned about the difference between actual and visual texture. They learned how to create texture in drawing using oil pastels and how to create owls using shapes, lines, and color combinations.  Mrs. Gray has several original owl drawings on display in the Akins hallway.

Did you Know?

  • On cold weather days, students may want to take advantage of the warmer uniform clothing options: sweatshirts, sweaters, jackets, pants (boys and girls), and long sleeved polos and oxfords.  (For girls: black, white or navy tights and leggings are approved. Leggings must be worn with white or matching socks. White or matching socks may also be worn with tights.)  *LS is no longer observing cold weather non-uniform days.