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Memories of the Late Doyle Kelley continue to pour in as former students, co-workers, friends and family of the coach find new ways to share just how much he meant to them.  The latest honor comes from the Honorable Buddy Carter, our U.S. House of Representative, who had this recognition read on the House floor and entered into the official congressional record.  

To see the official record, follow this link.

On behalf of a grateful Raider Nation, we thank Congressman Carter for honoring our coach in this special way.

                      REMEMBERING DOYLE KELLEY


                     HON. EARL L. ``BUDDY'' CARTER

                               of Georgia

                    in the house of representatives

                      Wednesday, November 16, 2016

  Mr. CARTER of Georgia. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Mr. Doyle 
Kelley from Savannah, Georgia, who passed away on September 30th. Mr. 
Kelley, known throughout the Savannah community as Coach Kelley, 
dedicated his life to teaching and mentoring students.
  After graduating from Armstrong Atlantic State University in 1969, 
Coach Kelley started coaching Jenkins High School's basketball team, 
sparking his commitment to students.
  Coach Kelley's passion shows not only in his incredible success on 
the court, but also the notorious testimonials from students about how 
he changed their lives for the better. After he moved to coach 
basketball at Savannah Christian Preparatory School, he had 427 
victories in basketball alongside 18 state championships, but the 
number of students he positively impacted is far greater.
  After his successful years in the sport, Coach Kelley served as the 
high school principal for 14 years at Savannah Christian until his 
  His caring and compassionate nature was seen by everyone in the 
community--from friends, colleagues, students, and certainly family 
members. Coach Kelley's presence in the community will be deeply missed 
and felt by all who had the pleasure of knowing him.