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Financial aid is available for students in all grades beginning with Pre-Kindergarten.
These need-based awards, available through the Victoria Jenkins Fund and Georgia GOAL, are intended to provide supplemental assistance only. Parents are expected to finance their children’s education to the extent they are able.


There is no specific income level that qualifies a family for need-based aid; every case is individual. The evaluation process considers income, amount of debt, number of people in the family, and assets. The entire process is strictly confidential.  Georgia GOAL is only available to students coming to SCPS from a Georgia public school. Please note, there is a $45 fee for each family that applies for financial aid.


To begin your financial aid application, follow the steps below. Please note that a student must be enrolled before applying for financial aid.

  1. Submit an Application for Enrollment, be tested, accepted, and pay the appropriate fees to the school. Spaces are not held for families who are waiting for notification of a financial aid award. If your child’s education at SCPS hinges upon a financial aid need that cannot be met, a refund of the tuition commitment fee less $100 may be given.
  2. Once your child is enrolled as a student at SCPS, please log in to your ParentsWeb account and click on the “application link” provided in the announcement section of your homepage. You may also apply directly from the FAST website here.
  3. Complete your applications by May 1. Please note, financial aid is not determined on a first come, first served basis.
  4. Based on the financial aid information you provide, FAST will give us an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses. This helps our Financial Aid Committee make fair and objective financial aid decisions.
  5. Financial aid amounts are based on a family’s need and the amount of scholarship funds available. While you may apply for more than one form of financial aid, you may only accept one financial aid award.

Families will be notified of award amounts prior to the first tuition payment being drafted.

Continuation of Financial Aid

Financial aid awards are renewable each year as long as there is a continued demonstrated need and the student maintains acceptable academic and behavioral standards. Families must reapply each year and the amount of each award may vary from year to year.

For more information regarding the Victoria Jenkins Fund, please contact Melissa Shuman at 912-721-2118.

For more information regarding Georgia GOAL, please contact Sarah Wright at 912-721-2102.