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Being a graduate from Savannah Christian, it was not until my freshman year of college that I realized the true impact it had on my life. It was in that moment that I was so grateful for being well prepared for my college classes but also for the Christian values that were instilled in me and for the friendships I had built while at SCPS. I realized that I had been given a wonderful gift to help me navigate through life – academics, Christian values, and strong friendships. I knew that no matter what obstacles the “real world” threw my way, I was prepared for them. When it came time to choose a school for our daughter, my husband and I knew SCPS was the school we wanted her to attend. When you walk through the doors at Savannah Christian, you not only see the excitement for learning but you feel the sense of community between students and teachers. The best part is God’s word is integrated into everything from Bible to helping other children in need by partnering with P.A.C.K. to provide food for those who are less fortunate. Savannah Christian is not just a school where your child will form a love for learning and a strong academic foundation but it is a school that develops the whole person to the glory of God!

Our family absolutely loves Savannah Christian. We have been at this school since August 2012. We are hopeful that with God’s grace and blessings the kids will graduate in 2025 and 2026 from SCPS. We love feeling connected with other families, teachers, and administrators. There are so many activities for the kids and we have enjoyed being involved in those as well. The people here are fabulous and we believe that God weaves our friendships for our good and His glory. Brody and Bailey are receiving an excellent education and they will be prepared for life as the mission of the school to develop the whole person to the glory of God is done with intent and purpose.

Savannah Christian represents the past, present, and future for our family. Our oldest son, Champ, graduated with the Class of 2018, John Henry is a senior this year, and our youngest child, Reed begins pre-K in August. By the time Reed graduates in 2033, we will have had one of our sons enrolled in SCPS continually for 28 years. This long relationship with Savannah Christian is one of the biggest blessings in our lives. The school consistently reinforces values that help create exceptional young people. We would not dream of sending the Hammond boys to any other school.

As parents, we wanted to make the best choice for our children’s education.  With classes and extracurricular activities, they can spend eight to 12 hours a day at school. This can be more time than we as parents get to spend with them at home.  Knowing our children are impacted by many external forces, we are confident they are safe, are getting the highest level of education, can practice their faith, and are exposed to the same values we strive for at home.  We see these values in other students, teachers, and parents confirming our family benefits from being part of the Raider family. It feels traditional, like education used to be.

Savannah Christian poses a sense of belonging for our family all while developing well-rounded students. The friendly, Christian atmosphere allows our girls to thrive knowing they are loved and safe. As parents, we know our children are in an academically strong atmosphere where they are being taught character traits that are important to succeed in life.