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What a joy it is to be a part of Savannah Christian Preparatory School!  I count it a privilege to be a part of the lives of 534 children, including my two grandchildren, striving each day to make our school the best possible environment for them.  Having been with the school for seven years, I see that there are many components that contribute to the excellence you will find here.  One of those is the sacrificial dedication of the Board of Trustees, the Headmaster and that of other key leaders.  Another is the support of parents who care and are willing to be involved, helping their children to be successful.  However, a key is to be found in the faculty and staff who touch the lives of these children.

As principal of the Lower School, I can verify that our teachers’ efforts are tireless and their goal of excellence in the classroom is never-ending.  They are experienced, well qualified teachers, with a majority holding Master’s degrees.  (Three others are currently engaged in Master’s programs.)  But the most important qualification they possess is that they are dedicated to serving the Lord by serving children.  This implies a love and sensitivity to youngsters that prevails through the school day and a commitment that doesn’t stop at 3:15.

Our teachers’ commitment looks like this…

  • Coming early to provide free tutoring to the child who didn’t understand
  • Staying late to review Science textbooks so the best publication is adopted
  • Exploring Pinterest and Teachers-Pay-Teachers to find just the right app to illustrate tomorrow’s lesson (often using personal funds to purchase the app)
  • Standing at the classroom door to greet each child in the morning
  • Finding ways to compliment the good and assist the child who is experiencing a problem
  • Challenging the high lexile reader with books of a corresponding lexile
  • Meeting the needs of the struggling reader by finding books that are “just right” for him
  • Kindly reminding children of the Golden Rule when they have experienced conflict
  • Using iPad games to practice letter sounds or math facts
  • Finding ways to maximize use of the school day by filling transitional minutes with pertinent review
  • Providing depth and breadth to the curriculum; for example, making History come “alive”
  • Dressing in costume for Georgia Day or 100th Day
  • Planning games to practice information that needs to be memorized
  • Using ChromeBooks to help children gain keyboarding skills or to write a story
  • Partnering with parents to help the child who is experiencing illness or loss
  • Exploring ways to provide challenge and acceleration for those having advanced skills.

Our school’s mission is to develop the whole person to the glory of God.  I am grateful to work with educators who make this their personal mission, as well.  In the Lower School we want our students to be encouraged, to be challenged and to develop their God-given abilities to the fullest extent possible.  More importantly, we pray that as they learn and apply God’s Word, it will give them a rudder and a purpose – gifts for a lifetime.

Ruth Ann Palmer, Ed.D.

Lower School Principal