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Children in the Lower School have exhibited exceptional academic growth in the past year! Most Kindergarten youngsters were reading by the end of year, some at a first or even second grade level. The Metropolitan Achievement Test confirmed that the five kindergarten classes were functioning significantly above the national average in Reading and Math! The test scores for 2010 are the highest on record!

Grades 1 through 5 were not to be outdone, however. Their growth was measured by the Stanford Achievement Test, a well respected instrument that allows a child’s achievement to be compared with others of the same grade level across the nation.

In 2010, Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 scored in the TOP 10 percent of the NATION in MATHEMATICS, and nearly every grade level scored in the TOP 10 percent of the NATION in READING! This data was verified by statistics from Harcourt Brace, publishers of the Stanford Achievement Test, and from the U.S. Department of Education.

Principal, Dr. Ruth Ann Palmer, attributes this exceptional achievement to outstanding teachers, focused students and supportive parents. Additional factors include the Accelerated Reading program put in place last year, the Math Superstars opportunity that challenges above average students, the First in Math computer competition and the Reading Counts program that invites students to become avid readers.

Dr. Palmer noted that the academic strengths of the student body are rivaled only by the strong character qualities that SCPS children exhibit on a daily basis. The Golden Rule is the accepted standard for interaction and those who achieve the Barnabas award (for outstanding character) each month are held in high esteem by their peers.”