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Savannah Christian Preparatory School’s name signifies a dual focus, college preparation and Christian education. Students are prepared by the faculty to ensure they not only survive the rigors of college, but also thrive throughout college and life. It is this high standard of the rigorous curriculum and moral standards which demonstrates how Savannah Christian is Boldly Christian and Unquestionably Academic.

Savannah Christian has several distinctive qualities providing one of the most dynamic educational experiences for students. SCPS seizes the opportunity to teach Biblical principles throughout the challenging curriculum reflecting a Christian worldview. Conducting Bible classes and memorizing scripture are integral components, but SCPS goes beyond, intentionally training their teachers on how to instruct every subject area from a Biblical perspective for real life application.

Earning a diploma from SCPS is a passport to a world of opportunities for advanced education and future success. Recognized as one of the top college prep schools in Georgia, Michael Adams, President of the University of Georgia personally recognized SCPS for sending great, well-rounded students. It’s no wonder why SCPS had the highest number of early acceptances to UGA out of all the schools in this area!

Whether it’s exploring abilities or challenging talents, the fine arts program at SCPS offers unique opportunities which include performing, written and visual arts. From performing under the lights in a Broadway musical on a historical stage in downtown Savannah, to processing film in a darkroom, from marching in the band at halftime, to firing pottery in the kiln, a vivid collage of opportunities is available to all students.

Competing on the playing field of life is demanding. SCPS is preparing their scholar athletes by offering a highly competitive, athletic program. Delivering the opportunity to play on a team where discipline, hard work and goal setting are instilled, their teams have also played at the region and state level in every male and female sport for last several years while many receive scholarships that offer the unique opportunity to play at the collegiate level.

The extended learning environment at SCPS is among the most unique for any educational institution in the country. As the site of the last major battle in Sherman’s famed “March to the Sea,” these historical grounds allow academic study and the opportunity for teachers to bring history to life! Furthermore, E.D.E.N., is a 176 acre outdoor education center including forest, fields and pond habitats for plant and animal life as well as an outdoor amphitheater, observation tower, aquatic studies dock, and a wetland’s board walk. At SCPS teachers can make science and ecology engaging and interactive.

Offering a first class education filled with a multitude of diverse opportunities attracts most families to Savannah Christian, but the warm, caring sense of family keeps them committed as proven by their 94% retention rate, which significantly exceeds the national average.

Honored and humbled by being the school of choice for more than 1,200 local families, Savannah Christian serves a wide variety of students and families as they continue their 58 year tradition to excel in preparing for college, preparing for LIFE!