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Film director Norm Novitsky and producer Eric Sherman review take with crew
Call Sheet for film
Call sheet with actor and character names
Art and creative department for the film set up in the cafeteria
Director's copy of In Search of Liberty script
Director Norm Novitsky reviews shot with production crew
Director Norm Novitsky explains scene to extras
Bobby Deen playing with SCPS Marketing and PR Intern Cydney Long's hair between takes
Set photographer takes pictures of the scene
Assistant Director Angelique Chase coaches extras on the scene
Camera crew rolls dolly outside for a scene
Camera crew gets dolly in position
Production crew filming outside cafeteria
Bobby Deen and SCPS Marketing and PR DirectorWendi Patrick on set
Director Norm Novitsky directs SCPS school bus
Director reviews camera set up

Movie Crew Brings Action to SCPS

Camp R.E.D. C.H.A.O.S. isn’t the only thing running this summer at Savannah Christian Prep. A movie crew recently set up in the cafeteria to film a scene for an upcoming feature film, In Search of Liberty. The film has been in…

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