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It is always an honor to be able to bring in Savannah professionals to speak with our students. Monday we were able to bring in Steve Aishman, Dean of Admissions at the Savannah of College of Art and Design. This was a treat to give a look at what college can offer scientific and design oriented students.

Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are all major aspects in students’ education. For our students, getting an inside look of STEM and how it can relate to even the most creative and design oriented learner opened new doors for what their future education opportunities can be.

Dean Aishman was an engaging speaker who discussed how “you can take all elements of languages, history, liberal arts, sciences, technology, engineering, and art and design; put it together and get disruptive innovation.”

Through establishing the correlation between the way scientists and artists think he showed how students, both scientific and artistic, can collaborate to design and solve real world problems. He challenged our students to think about, “How do I take critical thinking into critical making.”