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Need to find a carpool? Fill out the form below and your request will be posted under the Carpool Requests Tab. Also, once you find a carpool, please email [email protected] so we can remove your request. Thank you!

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United States
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Habersham Woods
I am looking for a junior or senior that could bring my daughter (freshman) home 4 days a week. We live in Habersham Woods, just off Derenne, in town. Of course, I would be willing to compensate for gas!
Thank you!
Carey Murns
Rincon/Springfield area
I am looking for someone whose child attends SCPS to allow my daughter to ride with them to and from SCPS. I am willing to compensate.
9th grade daughter looking for carpool from Pooler, Pine Barren Plantation area.
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Cook Islands
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Atlanta to Savannah
Isle of Hope
Monday-Thursday after sports pickup (football practice 7th grade) in exchange for morning pickup.
135 riverwood rd pooler georgia
Would only need help 2 days a week, and I could help the other days!
Wilmington Island
I am looking for someone to take my middle and high schooler in the mornings every other week from their mothers house in river oaks off of walthour. She can do afternoon pickups. Thanks
Whitemarsh Island
Are there any high school students that would like to make gas money? My son will be a freshman and we are looking for a ride for him back to Whitemarsh Island in the afternoons.
Port Wentworth
Looking for someone in the area or coming through the area to help with mornings and afternoons
Hi, looking for a carpool in Georgetown for an 8th grader. I can do AM, but need help with PM occasionally.
We live off Isle of Wight Road in Midway and would love to connect with any families that live out this way who may be interested in carpooling. My cell is the best way to reach me - 571-330-1064. Thanks! Cassie
Midtown Savannah
Hello! I am looking for a student or parent that would be able to bring my child home after school for the 2021-2022 school year. She will be in 8th grade. We live in Habersham Woods, just off Derenne, near the Habersham YMCA. Please feel free to contact me at 912-547-0014.
Thank you!
Tybee Island
Hello - new to Tybee Island - looking for carpool group for our LS student (3rd grade) Thanks!
Landings- Westcross/Franklin Creek
Hello! I am looking for an afternoon carpool for my 8th grader. I would need to pay for gas as I am not able to provide his afternoon pick up anymore. Thank you!
I have a 4th grade son
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Need carpool services
Autumn Lake - Berwick - Southbridge
I need someone to bring Spencer home through the end of August. I can pick up and take to school if needed.
Whitemarsh Island
Looking for carpool opportunities in the Wilmington Island , Whitemarsh Island area.
Montgomery area- Whitfield Park- Burnside
I am looking for someone who could help in mornings. Not every morning. But sometimes get stuck in a bind. My daughter is a freshman this year.
Burnside / Southbridge Area
Looking for someone to alternate days for afternoon pick-ups. I can do morning drop-offs with no issue; I am happy to assist another family with morning commutes if they can help with afternoons. My little girl is 12, 6th grade, but gets along well with children of all ages.
Isle of Hope
Need transportation for morning and possible afternoons
Forest Lake, Godley station Pooler
I have a 5-year old that is in Kindergarten this year; need someone to pick him up in the afternoon
My daughter will be in the 8th grade and I am teacher in RH. My husband can drive on Friday and my mom can drive another day of the week.
Isle of Hope
The Palms of New Hampstead
Looking for carpooling in Bloomingdale area
Hello, we live in SC so if there are any other families “on this side of the bridge” who want to organize a carpool, let me know!
I will have 3 children who will still attend ebenezer elementary, my husband is deployed. So i am requesting carpool assistance in the mornings only for my 8th grade daughter. The start time is the same for both schools, so it will be extremely hard for me to get everyone where they need to be. Thank you
Berwick, 25 Harvest Moon Drive, Savannah
Pre-K & 1st Grader
Isle of Hope
My son will be a freshman next year. He may need to carpool with someone on certain days of the week.
Pooler, Highlands Area
My daughter will start in the fall of 2020. I am looking for a carpool or high school driver in the mornings for my rising 6th grader. I have to be at work at Godley at 7am. Any help would be very much appreciated!
Rincon, Pooler
I am a graduate of SCPS (class of '15). I work a part time job that leaves me with my afternoons free. I am able to pick up after school, and do babysitting after school as needed as well. Please email me for details!
Savannah Highlands
Need carpool for my 5 year old
Wilmington Is area
Anyone interested in starting carpool for the 2019-20 school area in the island's area?
Pooler, GA
I have a 2.5 year old and 5.5 year old from Pooler ga
Looking for someone to take my 9th grader home in Berwick after school. Please contact me if available. Thank you!
I am interested in sharing carpool responsibilities. I have a daughter in 2nd grade and I need someone to get her to school daily and I can do the after school pickup.
The Landings
We are new to the area and looking for any carpools for my 9th grade daughter from the Landings.
Montgomery area
It’s looking like we will be purchasing a home in the Montgomery area near Whitefield Ave. and Skidaway Rd. I will be working most days at Atlanta Gas Light on Chatham Parkway, but there will be instanced when I have to travel for work for 2-3 days at a time. Ella’s dad will have to manage our business from 8 am to 6 pm so we are looking for carpool options we could establish
Richmond Hill
We drive both ways each day from Richmond Hill and would love to share that responsibility with another family. If intrested please contact at the above address. Have a great day.
Westbrook at Savannah Quarters
Looking for a carpool situation for two middle school boys in our community only - Westbrook at Savannah Quarters.
South Bridge
We live in South Bridge and if there is a parent that is coming from there it would be great if my mom can given a ride to lower school and back to South Bridge so my mom can pick up my daughter who is in lower school. She is also registered for Aftercare. This is only on a occasionally since most of the time I am able to pick up my daughter. Just when I have to work late it would be nice to know of any parent who may be willing to help. Thanks in advance!
Richmond Hill
I have a 4th grader and a Kindergartner. I would love to carpool and help cut down on driving time.
Westbrook at Savannah Quarters
I have two middle schoolers and would be interested in sharing carpool duties
Wilmington Island/Walthour Rd
Hi looking to share to/from school. Our daughter is in the 4th grade. Thanks.
The Landings - Skidaway Island
Looking to share driving to and from school
Madison is in 10th grade
Please feel free to call us at 912-704-6117 or 912-704-6097
Hwy 30/21 (Buckingham Plantation)
I need help in getting Dawson home on Fridays after school - is anyone available?

I am also able to fit 3 additional children in my car should anyone want me to take their child to school in the mornings. I will leave each morning between 6:45-7, depending on traffic. I have to be at work at 8 downtown.
Wilmington Island
Hello. I am looking for a high schooler, 11th or 12th grade who lives on Wilmington Island. I have a daughter going into Kindergarten and she has gymnastics on Mondays and Wednesdays at 4:30 at the Islands YMCA. I would only need her to be walked into the gymnastics area to drop her off with her coach (making sure she is with her coach), then you can leave. I will be able to pick up so I only need her dropped off. Thanks!
Richmond Hill
My daughter will be in 8th grade. I am looking for someone close to her age that we can carpool with.
richmond hill
Would like to find a carpool for upcoming school year 2018-19, either one way or round trip. We only have one (5th grade) and can seat up an to additional 5 students comfortably. We're near Publix on 144. Thanks!