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Just imagine it: your alarm goes off and you roll out of bed in the darkness; you shuffle into your slippers, grab a quick breakfast, brush your teeth and slip into your car to head off down the road and start your day. In your pajamas. No wardrobe decisions, no changing your clothes, no battling bad hair, just casual comfort and fuzzy socks. Well, the K2 and K3 classes had the opportunity to do just that this month with our annual Jammie Day!

With January’s focus on winter animals and hibernation, it’s the perfect time to spend a day hunkered down in sleeping bags with hot chocolate and story time. The second week of the month showcases the letter J for the K3s, making that Wednesday the day of celebration. These older students enjoyed Mrs. Karen’s infamous snowball surprise-attacks and fresh hot popcorn during movie time in the activity room. The K2s, on the other hand, celebrate their winter isolation on Friday, January 28th. These extraordinary teachers provide classroom-cooked breakfasts and exciting hibernation crafts. Who wouldn’t love to spend the day lounging around in their lounge wear! Until local companies change their dress code, though, preschool will have exclusive rights to this mid-winter salute to snuggles.