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Dear SCPS Parents,

It’s time to re-enroll for the 2017-18 school year utilizing our NEW online system!
You should have received your online re-enrollment invitation via the primary email address listed when you originally enrolled your student at SCPS.  This email contains the instructions and personalized log-in information for your student.
If you or your spouse have NOT received this very import email, please contact Debbie Fairbanks at  Due to the very busy nature of this time, please allow 24 hours for a response from Mrs. Fairbanks.  
Please log-in and create your student’s account.  If you re-enroll online by February 28, you will receive a $200 discount on the registration fee.  
If you have a financial question, please contact Inger Prescott at  Please allow 24 hours for Mrs. Prescott to assist you.
Thank you for choosing Savannah Christian Preparatory School.  Our teachers, administrators, and staff are committed to serving Christ here by serving your family.
For His glory,
Wendi Patrick


  • February 28–Last day to wear ties
  • March 2–6:30 p.m. Social Media Awareness
  • March 7-9– Middle School Exams
    • March 7–1st and 5th
    • March 8–2nd and 4th
    • March 9–3rd and 6th and makeups
  • March 9–End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 10–Teacher Workday/Student Holiday
  • March 12–Daylight Savings Time
  • March 13-17 Spring Break
  • March 20-24–Standardized testing
  • March 28-31–8th grade trip to Washington
  • March 24–Report Cards 
  • April 28– Middle School Dance

Dear Middle School Parents

As mentioned earlier this month, the middle school will host a Social Media Awareness parent meeting Thursday evening, March 2nd @ 6:30 pm in the middle school gym. A subsequent student session will be held the following day during an assembly program. Special thanks to one of our SCPS parents, Matt Britsch, with the local office of the Secret Service Division who will present this one-hour parent meeting that will include a question/answer segment to conclude the session.
Blessings to all,
Mike Crosby-Principal

Middle School PTF

MS PTF Facebook page

 Snapshots and Happenings

Painting in Studio Art class

8th grade Physical Science students work on their balloon cars. Competition upcoming!

Mr., Crosby wears a toga made by Ms. Fidler’s Latin class.

Ms. Lee’s Ephesians class demonstrates the concept of oneness with Christ and solving a mission together.