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  • February 17–Express Lunch
  • February 20–President’s Day Holiday
  • February 23–Winter Sports Celebration @ 6:30 in the gym
  • February 28–Last day to wear ties; LAST INSTALLMENT DUE–Washington Trip (8th grade)
  • March 7-9– Middle School Exams
  • March 9–End of 3rd Quarter
  • March 10–Teacher Workday/Student Holiday
  • March 12–Daylight Savings Time
  • March 13-17 Spring Break
  • March 20-24–Standardized testing
  • March 28-31–8th grade trip to Washington
  • March 24–Report Cards 
  • April 28– Middle School Dance

2017-2018 Middle School Math Curriculum Changes

Dear Lower and Middle School Parents,

Savannah Christian is moving forward with changes to the mathematics curriculum and sequence.  As Algebra is the foundation of all high school and collegiate mathematics as well has an integral part of science, a new mathematic sequence will be put in place for the 2017-2018 school year to better serve our students.

First, all 6th grade students will be placed in College Prep Math 6.

Second, all 7th grade students will be placed in Pre-Algebra 7.

Finally, all 8th grade students will be placed in Algebra I or Algebra I-A.  For the coming school year, students will be placed based on performance and readiness in the 7th grade into one of the two courses.  Those students in Algebra I will complete the course for credit during the school year.  Those students placed in Algebra I-A will complete one-half of Algebra I in the 8th grade and then complete Algebra in 9th grade by taking Algebra I-B.  Both courses will use the same Algebra I textbook, and middle school and upper school faculty will have opportunities to collaborate on curriculum throughout the year.

With the help of a 55-minute class period, larger state-of-the-art classrooms,  a new, specifically designed standards-based curriculum, and brand new textbooks and instructional materials geared toward an accelerated pathway, our students will enter 8th grade prepared to be successful in Algebra I. These exciting opportunities would not be possible without our middle school faculty being able to collaborate extensively with our upper school colleagues. What wonderful opportunities lie ahead for all of us as we work together in developing the whole person to the glory of God!

Dr. Chris Harmon, Headmaster

Mr. Mike Crosby, Middle School Principal                           Mr. Ashley Barnwell, Upper School Principal


“Monitoring Social Media”

As we continue to work together with our families in developing the whole child to the glory of God, below you will find several links which are available to assist parents in monitoring their children’s smart phones and social media accounts. Several of our own families have found these to be helpful. I trust you find these useful as well.
Go Raiders!

• Net Nanny – has an internet filter, (blocks bad words from sites), social media monitoring, and alerts and reporting. Goof for younger users and iPads.
• Secure Teen – same internet filtering, facebook monitoring, view details of texts, monitor calls, pornography blocking, and location tracking.
• TeenSafe – (Best one) Same as all the above with a GPS tracker as well. View web history, texts, calls, etc.
These are available as apps or on your desktop computer.

We will be conducting our annual parent meeting on social media soon. Details to follow.

Middle School PTF

MS PTF Facebook page

Sports Info

  • Boys Soccer – Grades 6-8th – Tryouts will be held beginning on 2/20/17
  • Girls Soccer – Grades 6-8th – Tryouts will be held beginning on 2/20/17
  • Girls Softball – Grades 6-8th – Practice begins on 2/16/17
  • Boys Lacrosse – Grades 6-8th – Practices will begin on 2/15/17
  • Boys/Girls Golf – Grades 6-8th – Tryouts will be held in March
  • Boys/Girls Track – Grades 5-8th – Practices will begin in March
    • MS Practice and Meet Schedule 2017:
      Practice will be Tuesday, March 21,  3:45 to 4:45pm
      Meet: Monday, March 27, at Savannah Country Day 4:00pm until–
      Practice will be Monday, April 3, 3:45 to 4:45pm
      Practice will be Monday, April 10, 3:45 to 4:45pm
      Practice will be Tuesday, April 18, 3:45 to 4:45pm
      Practice will be Monday, April 24, 3:45 to 4:45pm
      Meet: Monday, May 1 at Savannah Country Day 4:00pm until–
 1.  All 8th graders interested in playing football next year are invited to workouts at the high school.  Workouts will be MondayThursday from 4:15-5:30.  The players going for workouts may ride the shuttle bus over to the high school.
 2. Is your son or daughter interested in lacrosse? Contact Christian Harris at  for more information.

If you have any questions, please email Josh Nokes (

Snapshots and Happenings


Kush Patel ,6th grade, and Davis Stone, 5th grade, participated in the Round 1 GISA Spelling Bee at Memorial Day School on Thusday, February 9th.


Planet colonization. 6th grade Science students in Ms. Rea’s class explore whether,  given the diversity of environments on the planets and moons in our solar system and our technological capabilities, some of these could be suitable homes away from Earth for humans.

7th grade English students work on notetaking skills for their Life Science research papers.

Ms. Daniel’s 8th grade English classes are reading The Diary of Anne Frank. Seen above are student responses to the story.

Ms. Fidler’s Latin class works on making Roman togas and outer garments.