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Save the Date

  • Family Fun Night at Pooler Chick Fil A:  Tuesday, October 25 at 5:00 p.m. – 7:30  p.m.
  • 50th Day of School: Tuesday, October 25
  • Fifth Grade parent meeting: Wednesday, October 26 at 8:30 am
  • Third Grade Field Trip to Old Fort Jackson: October 27 at 9:00 am
  • Friends of the Environment Chapel: Friday, October 28 at 8:45 am
  • Grandparents’ Days: November 17 and 18

Christ in Action

  • On Friday, 18 students were awarded the Barnabas Award for being Christ-like.  These students set a Christ-like example for others.  A certificate and a Barnabas dog tag were handed out at the chapel program.  This year our monthly Barnabas students will enjoy a pizza party with our counselor, Cindy Burnsed. 

barnabas-christlike-1 barnabas-christlike-2

  • On October 19th the Lower School students had a special treat when middle and upper grade students joined them in our first school-wide service project.  Younger students were guided by older students in the making of Christmas cards to honor First Responders. What better way to let our young ones know the importance of serving others than by example. 

service-project-2 service-project-3 service-project-4 service-project-5

What’s Coming Soon?

  • Pre-Kindergarten will be visiting the Fire Station next week to tie into our fire safety unit! Mrs. Bowen’s class will visit the fire station on Monday, October 24th and Mrs. Wenger’s and Ms. Elton’s class will visit the fire station on Thursday, October 27th!
  • On Tuesday, October 25th, Pre-Kindergarten through First Grade will celebrate the 50th Day of School! We have many boogie woogie activities planned. Some of the activities include: a hula hoop and bubble gum blowing contest, a Sock Hop dance and lots of 50th Day math and reading activities! We will enjoy Root Beer floats as well!


Classroom News

  • The fourth grade accelerated writing and reading class is currently collaborating on producing a newsletter of the many exciting skills and activities we have been doing in class for the first quarter using Chromebooks.  Mr. Tindol led the class in Chromebook basics.  Mrs. Ivey is the Editor-in-Chief, and Walt Tindol is the Editor of “The Ivey League” Newsletter.  The final product will be put on Mrs. Ivey’s webpage. 

ivey-1 ivey-2 ivey-3 ivey-4

  • Mrs. Kelley’s fifth grade reading classes discussed the various settings of Hurricane Matthew. They also shared their experiences and discussed positive outcomes from the hurricane.  They were reminded that God can help them weather any storm they are facing. 

kelley-class-1 kelley-class-2 kelley-class-3


Resource News

  • Kindergarten, First Grade, and Second Grade Art Workshop students learned about cool and warm colors.  The beautiful pumpkin paintings showed cool color backgrounds with warm color pumpkins!

pumpkins-art-workshop-1 pumpkins-art-workshop-2 pumpkins-art-workshop-3

  • Breakfast Book Club began this week. Students enjoyed a delicious breakfast while discussing their favorite books. The club meets once a month on a Wednesday from 7:45-8:20, and is open to all third, fourth, and fifth graders. It is led by Mrs. Olson (third grade), Mrs. Crosby (Media Center), and Mrs. Dugas (parent). Visit to print a registration form so you can join us in November! Here are the books we recommend this month. Happy Reading!

book-club-pic-2 book-club-pic

  • Mrs. Crosby was thrilled to award Reading Counts and Millionaire t-shirts at chapel on Firday morning.  Congratulations to David Sonaike- 500 points and 1,127,193 words, Allie Baja- 250 points and 1,190,170 words, Jason Lim – 1,052,441 words, Aarya Patel – 250 points, and Jiya Patel – 250 points!


Did you Know?

  • The apps “Mathopolis” and “Spelling 1-2” are two of the Lower School teachers’ favorites!  
    • “Mathopolis” makes practicing those math facts fun with a firefighting game! Addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems are divided into three different levels of difficulty.  See for yourself here!
    • “Spelling 1-2” lets you enter your child’s spelling list directly into the game! There are three different games in the app that help your child review their spelling words: a word unscramble, spelling the word spoken to you, and choose the correct spelling of a word from three or four choices.  Check it out here!