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Save the Date

  • March 27- 31:  Lower School Standardized Testing
    • Students should come in uniform.  Spirit wear is permissible on Friday.
    • Get a good night’s sleep.
    • Be sure to allow a few extra minutes in the morning.  Students will not be admitted to class after testing has begun.
  • April 13- 17:  Easter Holidays
  • April 20:  Midterm

Good News

  • Third graders Sadler Wilson and Marley Battle delighted as wood fairies in SCPS’s musical production of Cinderella. 

  • A very special accomplishment was recognized for the FIRST TIME EVER! Third grader Aiden Lee was awarded the 2,000 Reading Counts Points Trophy! Congratulations on this incredible feat! (Aiden is pictured below with Reading Counts award winners.)

Christ in Action

  • Berkley Allen received her Barnabas Award for Loving in chapel this week.

  • Friday in chapel, Mrs. Wright’s class presented their version of a story they have read entitled, Too Much Noise!

  • Daphne Wells, Kelly Wells, and their Kindergarten classes helped us usher in Spring with their chapel on Friday.  They were thankful for the blessings Spring brings from God.

What’s Coming Soon?

  • Mrs. Crosby is pleased to announce the “Night at the Media Center” on May 5th for all of our 250 Reading Counts point achievers!

Classroom News

  • Mrs. Chambers’ writing classes have been hard at work.  Can you spot the thesis statement, hook and blueprint in these fifth grade writers’ introductions?  They did a fantastic job organizing their five paragraph essays! 

  • Mrs. Wright’s class investigated types of rocks this week.  Do they leave a streak? What colors do you see? What type of rock do you think this is? 

  • Miss Puff’s classes typed out their Bible verses this week using the Chromebooks and their GAFE (Google Apps for Education) accounts.  Her reading classes also showed off their tech-savvy skills. They read an informational narrative in reading last week. It is titled Look to the North and is written as a diary about the developmental stages of wolf pups. Students are working in small groups to find facts for each stage of the pups life. Each fact is entered on their Google Slide. Next week, they hope to complete it and present our slides to each other. Miss Puff’s students have enjoyed learning more about the Google app, Google Slides.

  • Third grade just loves playing trash-ket-ball!! This review game is a slam dunk!!! Who doesn’t love healthy competition to review their work?

  • Our PreKindergarten classes visited Ottawa Farms.

  • Third grade could not resist the beautiful day God gave us. Mrs. Wigand held reading groups outside on the first full day of spring.


Resource News

  • Reading Counts Awards were presented at Friday’s chapels.  
    • The third grade through fifth grade students earning 250 points were Athen Hudspeth, Josie Royal, Mary Miller, and Isabelle Williams.  Loren Mitchell was recognized with a 500 point certificate!  A “Millionaire” t-shirt was also given to Isabelle Williams who has read 1,064,923 words!  

    • In our PreK through second grade chapel, Braelyn Canady and Eve Thompson each received a 250 Reading Counts points certificate.


Did You Know?

  • You are able to access your child’s grades and current report card on NetClassroom at  Please email Cindy Burnsed at if you need any assistance.
  • The SCPS Dining Hall has some talented staff?! It’s a great day to be a Raider!