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Save the Date

  • April 5: LS PTF Meeting at 8:30 am (WEDNESDAY)  PTF meetings will be held the first Wednesday of the month rather than Thursdays. (April 5th at 8:30 am and May 3rd at 8:30 am)
  • April 13- 17:  Easter Holidays
  • April 20:  Midterm
  • April 25: Barrier Island 2017-2018 Parent Meeting at 6:30 pm in the Dining Hall (This is for rising 5th grade/current 4th grade parents.)

Good News

  • Fifth grade had their first relay track meet at Savannah Country Day on Monday, March 27th, as a part of the Middle School track team. Congratulations to all of our runners for a job well done!

Christ in Action

  • Mrs. Elton’s class learned that just as a chick breaks out of an egg, Jesus broke out of the tomb. Mrs. Kelly Wells’ Kindergarten door shared the miraculous story of Easter.

What’s Coming Soon?

  • The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school April 24th to April 28th.  This will be a great opportunity to find some good books for a fun summer of reading.  Our Book Fair theme for spring 2017 is Happy Camper Book Fair: S’more fun with books! This season’s Book Fair will be a fun wilderness adventure full of exciting activities and s’more books. We need your help! Please complete the Book Fair Volunteer Sign Up Spring 2017 by circling the areas where you would like to help. Send the form back by April 12th, so we can be sure that we have enough volunteers.
  • Barrier Island Parent Meeting for fourth (rising fifth) grade will be held on Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30 pm in the Dining Hall.  Please come to hear more about the exciting ecology science trip for 2017-2018!

Classroom News

  • PreKindergarten opened their very own Pizza Parlor!  Following yummy recipes, the students made “pizzas.”

  • Kindergarten showed their creative side by decorating a sidewalk with chalk!

  • First Grade has begun a unit on Money.  This past week they learned to identify the value of a group of dimes, nickels, and pennies through $0.99.  Counting money is fun!

  • After testing, Second Grade took the opportunity to explore colors and the rainbow using science experiments. Using red cups and their engineering brains, students built structures to see how many cups could be knocked down with one roll of a ball. Sharing kindness also was important as they used “The Jelly Donut Difference” to brainstorm ideas of showing kindness to others.

  • Third grade students rotated to a different teacher’s room each afternoon after testing for a fun activity. In Mrs. Wigand’s room, students learned about Easter and made a mosaic cross.  In Mrs. Olson’s room, students played computer games. Students enjoyed a “feast” in Mrs. Wright’s room during a “book tasting.” Miss Crapse, who is always up for some physical activity, ran outdoor relay races, wheelbarrow races, freeze tag, a 50-yard dash, Mother May I, and Sharks and Minnows. These third grades are having a blast after rocking the test!

  • Mrs. Connelly took advantage of the beautiful weather last week to read outside with her class.

  • Miss Puff’s class re-energized with Coke floats and Ice Cream Sundaes after testing. On Thursday after testing, they headed to Dr. Harmon’s lawn to play. Some ladies decided to decorate a parking spot just for Miss Puff!

  • What better way to learn about fractions than Fourth Grade Fraction Basketball!

  • Fifth Grade enjoyed class games on the US track as their afternoon testing treat. Students played kickball, soccer, frisbee, and bocce ball. Our fifth grade competition cheerleaders from Cheer Savannah and Savannah Sharks also practiced flipping and stunts (with spotters). Our Fifth Graders flip over their testing performance!  We enjoyed sweet treats provided by our awesome parents. It’s a great day to be a fifth grade Raider!

  • Mrs. Crosby, Mrs. Martin, and Miss Yaughn did not want to miss out on the after-testing fun.  Students were treated to a fun game of Media Center Vocab Bingo during Media!

Resource News

  • Mrs Crosby is pleased to announce the “Night at the Media Center” for all of our 250 Reading Counts point achievers!

  • Mrs. Porter’s Computer Lab has been a flurry of activity! Mrs. D Wells’ class used the iPads to play with Scratch, Jr.  Mrs. Bowen’s class tinkered with Tynker!

  • A very special accomplishment was recognized for the FIRST TIME EVER on April 24th! Third grader Aiden Lee was awarded the 2,000 Reading Counts Points Trophy! Congratulations on this incredible feat!

  • In Art, Mrs. Gray taught Fourth Grade about the different types of balance, emphasizing radial symmetry!