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Save the Date

  • April 10:  Barnabas Lunch Treat for Diligent
  • April 13- 17:  Easter Holidays
  • April 20:  Midterm
  • April 25: Barrier Island 2017-2018 Parent Meeting at 6:30 pm in the Dining Hall (This is for rising 5th grade/current 4th grade parents.)
  • May 2:  Family Fun Night at Pooler Chick Fil A 5:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

Good News

  • Reading Counts Awards were presented in chapel on Friday.  Makenzie Woo, Mary Miller, and Lucas Walden earned 250 points!  Sarah Hagan reached 500 Reading Counts points!  Jason Lim and Allie Baja both have earned 1,000 points!  Loren Michell (1,107,963) and Mary Miller (1,384,861) have been inducted into the Millionaire T-Shirt Club!

Christ in Action

  • The PreKindergarten classes presented the Easter story in chapel on Friday.

  • The Lower School teachers were so proud to nominate these students for displaying the Barnabas characteristic of “diligence.”

  • The Barnabas characteristic for the months of April and May is compassionate.  Stop by Mrs. Burnsed’s door for more information on how to show compassion!  

What’s Coming Soon?

  • Dear SCPS FIFTH GRADE Families,  The Mayor of Garden City is holding a coloring contest in honor of Georgia Cities Week.  I will be handing out the coloring sheets during art class this week.  Could you join me in encouraging your fifth grader to participate in this fun, creative opportunity.  Students may use colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc.  The coloring sheets are due back by Tuesday, April 25th. The top winners will be invited to the May 1st Council Meeting to receive their awards.  Thank you all for your continued support of the Arts at SCPS.  -Michelle Gray
  • The Scholastic Book Fair will be at our school April 24th to April 28th.  This will be a great opportunity to find some good books for a fun summer of reading.  Our Book Fair theme for spring 2017 is Happy Camper Book Fair: S’more fun with books! This season’s Book Fair will be a fun wilderness adventure full of exciting activities and s’more books. We need your help! Please complete the Book Fair Volunteer Sign Up Spring 2017 form and send it back by April 12th, so we can be sure that we have enough help.
  • Barrier Island Parent Meeting for fourth (rising fifth) grade will be held on Tuesday, April 25th at 6:30 pm in the Dining Hall.  Please come to hear more about the exciting ecology science trip for 2017-2018!

Classroom News

  • Pre-K had a Pirate Day for the Letter of the Week, Pp!!! Pre-Kindergarten also learned how to add using jelly beans!

  • Mrs. Hayes’ first grade class is learning about the Rock Cycle.  They used Starburst candy to make sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock.  Science Rocks!

  • The students in Mrs. Sellers’ class enjoyed many fun activities after standardized testing each day. Some of these included pipe cleaner art, building with Legos, making marshmallow and toothpick sculptures, and board games with their friends. The parents were kind to send in some special treats, too!

  • In third grade, students used counters to solve division problems through sharing equal groups and using repeated subtraction. To review the story “Boom Town,” Miss Crapse’s classed played Kahoot on the Chromebooks!! Click HERE to see Kahoot in action! 

  • Mrs. Caruthers’ class enjoyed blowing bubbles and playing games outside to celebrate end of testing.

  • Miss Puff has been ramping up the cool factor in fourth grade math! Multiplication scavenger hunts and checkpoint assessments taken on Chromebooks using the kiosk feature have added a new level in MATH.

  • Another group of fifth graders experienced STARBASE at HAAF last week. STEM and STEAM activities are conducted for an entire week.  Students had many problems to solve and things to learn! Could they land “Eggbert” safely on the moon? How hard is it to be NASA/Houston working with astronauts on a satellite?  Could they put their engineering brains to work using CAD? Navigating aspects of geometry (x and y axis) using the game “Battleship” was fun! They were even treated to a tour of the Coast Guard Station! Racing dragsters, programming robots, doing chemistry experiments…WHEW! What a week!


Resource News

  • Mrs. Crosby has been mysteriously planning the upcoming “Night at the Media Center” for all of our 250 Reading Counts point achievers! The words “glow in the dark” have been overheard!!

  • Some of our older grade levels did robotics with Ozobots in Mrs. Porter’s computer class. Could they program their Ozobot to make it through the maze?!  (Photo “opps” from the classes of Mrs. Kelley, Miss Crapse, Mrs. Perry, Mrs. Olson, and Mrs. Ivey.)

  • Mrs. Bel’s class used the iPads and the app “Scratch, Jr.”