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Director of Vocal Music

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Savannah Christian Preparatory School is seeking an experienced music educator to develop and lead a middle and upper school level vocal music program. The Director of Vocal Music will have the opportunity to create and teach within a first-class vocal music program. Savannah Christian is 68 years old and has not had an organized vocal music program for the past 12 years. However, the school has an extensive, award-winning visual and performing arts program. The time is right, as we have many students already engaged in music education, to have an entrepreneurial-minded individual take the helm of this vocal music program.

Holding a faculty rank, the incumbent, if qualified, will serve as the head of the department. The Director of Vocal Music collaborates with the theater director, serving as music director of the annual school musical. Additionally, the incumbent teams with the lower school vocal teacher to ensure a seamless vocal curriculum.

The candidate will have experience leading a vocal music program and should demonstrate leadership skills for program development. The candidates for this position will be carefully and prayerfully evaluated according to the following essential criteria:

  • A minimum of a bachelor’s degree in music and teaching experience;
  • Professing Christian with a Biblically-sound faith experience that is clearly communicated;
  • Holding a core belief in Biblical integration within a framework of academics, with the ability to implement and expand such a framework;
  • Possessing the ability to create, direct, and maintain a total program which provides continuity and training that prepares students competitively;
  • Leading through service, encouragement, and strength.

Additionally, the Director of Vocal Music must:

  • Display a personal and professional behavior reflective of the characteristics of a Christ-follower.
  • Reflect excellence in curriculum content, planning, alignment, and delivery.
  • Demonstrate expertise in instructional practices, management, and assessments.
  • Establish an engaging learning environment and positive student relationships.
  • Contribute to collegiality, community, and school expectations.

Interested individuals should submit the following:

  1. Current Resume
  2. Application
  3. Ability to obtain at least five references upon request

To apply for this job please visit