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Re-enrollment:  Your children are blessings to each of us at Savannah Christian Preparatory School! It’s a privilege to work with them and our prayer is that each of them will be able to return to us next year. We are excited by the re-enrollment response we have had!  However, there are still a few from whom we are hoping to hear.  If finances are the reason, please contact Mrs. Prescott (ext. 104) in the Business Office.  Our school won’t be the same without your child!

Georgia Day:  The PTF organizations of both Chatham Parkway and DeRenne are well into the planning for Georgia Day that will be celebrated on Friday, February 10!  This is a day when children and adults alike dress like the founders of our state and they learn about life as colonists.  Dozens of parents provide leadership by speaking, leading crafts activities and helping our children experience what it was like to live hundreds of years ago.  The Chatham Parkway activities are being led by Media Specialist, Gloria Tootle.  The DeRenne program is being led by a parent, Molly Sims.   We can hardly wait for Georgia Day!

National Elementary Honor Society: In the Spring of 2009, Savannah Christian Lower School became a founding chapter of the National Elementary Honor Society.  A Faculty Council leads the selection process and the activities undertaken by the members of the NEHS.  This year 36 fourth and fifth grade students will be inducted into the NEHS, joining 21 fifth grade students who became members last year.  This esteemed group represents 35% of our fourth and fifth grade students. The four high standards required for membership are: 1) Scholarship – having a 90% average in every subject for five consecutive grading periods, 2) Leadership, 3) Responsibility and 4) Service.  Students in Grades 4 and 5 are eligible for membership.  Those who meet the academic criterion are then evaluated by current and past teachers on the other three characteristics.  Those having a rating of 3.0 or higher on a 4 point scale receive an invitation to become members.   The Induction Ceremony for these children will take place on February 7 at Chatham Parkway and February 15 at the DeRenne campus.  Membership is a great honor.  It is accompanied by the expectation that members will maintain High Honor Roll status and will work together to provide four service projects a year to benefit others.

Honors Assemblies:  Honors Assemblies were held at DeRenne and Chatham Parkway on January 18 and 20, respectively.  Many parents attended the programs and children who achieved honors were presented with a parchment certificate.  A new bumper sticker was given to all who achieved honors that read, “My Grandchild is an HONOR Student at Savannah Christian Preparatory School.”  There are 244 students in Grades 3-5 and of that number, 176 achieved Honors, 72% of those who were eligible.

Prospective Parent Open Houses:  The last two planned Open Houses are just ahead.  Chatham Parkway will welcome prospective parents on Tuesday, January 31, and DeRenne will host an Open House on Wednesday, February 1.  Both will be at 9:00 am in the Media Center on each campus. Please continue to pray with us that those children whom the Lord wants at SCPS next year will enroll and please help us spread the word about our Open House opportunities.

Middle School Visitation:  The Middle School rolled out the “red carpet” for the fifth grade students of the Lower School on Friday, January 6.  Meeting in the MS gymnasium, our students were warmly welcomed by Mr. Mike Crosby. The program began with devotions and included performances by both the Chorus and the Pep Squad.  Sixteen Peer Helpers then presented a brief overview of each subject that rising sixth graders will experience next year.  Athletic Director, Mr. Sonny Lady, and Band Director, Lindy Sikes, described the opportunities they will have to participate in during sixth grade. Children were divided into small groups and were given a tour of the MS classrooms.  It was a morning that would encourage any student to look forward to coming to Middle School!

Science Camp: We are “The Super Atoms”!!! Savannah Christian Preparatory School’s Lower School students have been participating in an afterschool science camp this year. The Super Atoms Camp is taught by Dr. Sabitra Brush, a chemistry professor at Armstrong Atlantic State University.  Last semester in Session I, students investigated chemical and physical properties and changes, learned about acids and bases, studied flight (and created some cool airplanes), and became detectives during a lesson on crime scene investigations. Session II is just underway this semester. Our little scientists will be cooking up some kitchen chemistry, playing with light and color, tuning into a lesson on sound, studying atomic structures, making awesome crystals and bubbles, delving into the frightening world of electricity, and proving their “attractiveness” with magnetism! What a wonderful experience for our SCPS students!

Spelling Bee: Under the leadership of Media Specialist, Gloria Tootle, the children in Grades 1 through 5 again had the opportunity to participate in a Spelling Bee in January!  The words and rules are determined by the Scripps Spelling Bee, a national organization. During the week of January 9, each classroom had a Bee to identify two children who would represent them in a grade level Bee.  Grade level bees were conducted on January 19, with children from the DeRenne campus joining the groups at Chatham Parkway.  Grade level winners were:  Kush Patel, Grade 1; Emma Lee, Grade 2; Thomas Tift, Grade 3; John Henry Hammond, Grade 4; and Jordan Balkcom, Grade 5!  Congratulations to each one and to every child who participated.   Our 4th and 5th grade winners went on to represent us in the school-wide competition between students in 4th – 8th grade on January 25.  Claire Garwes came in first place and Jordan Balkcom came in second place.  They will go on to represent us in the next level of competition on February 9th.  We are proud of everyone who participated!

Winter Outreach: This winter, Student Outreach representatives will be collecting food supplies to assist Backpack Buddies, a program that is sponsored by Second Harvest. Children who qualify for the free lunch program in public schools are given a backpack full of nutritious food for them to take home over the weekend. We will be collecting food to help fill these backpacks.

Barnabas – Joyful: Psalm 149:4-5 tell us that we, the children of God, should be joyful because we belong to Jesus and He “takes pleasure in His people.” What a blessing! It is so wonderful that we have so much that fills our lives with joy!