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Congratulations to the students who have been chosen to participate in this year’s school-wide Broadway musical, Mary Poppins.  Because of the immense talent at Savannah Christian, narrowing the list was very difficult. Thanks to the gifted students of all ages who tried out!


Please plan to attend a mandatory parent meeting which will be held on Tuesday, December 8th at 6:00pm in the Eckburg Gym. At least one parent is asked to attend this orientation meeting. We will review the rehearsal schedule, collect the activity fee, and provide lots of information about the production. There will also be an opportunity for questions about the production process.


Immediately following the parent meeting, cast members only (no parents needed)will stay from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. for a script read-through.


Please download and bring the completed medical form, costume information, and t-shirt order form to the parent meeting on Tuesday, December 8th. You may pay the $75 activity fee online or at the parent meeting by cash or check. To pay online, select “Parents” click on the “Payment Portal” on the SCPS Homepage. You will need to fill out your student’s information and your name, then under “Payment Type” select “Single Fee Payment”. Under “Single Fee Payment Type” select “Artzploration Camp Fee.” Enter $75.00 under “Amount of Payment” and “1” under Number of Payments. The only other piece of information to enter is $75.00 under “Amount to Be Processed Today.” Please note that there is a 2.75% convenience fee charged to pay online.


If you have an unavoidable conflict concerning this meeting, please contact Mrs. Donna Stembridge, director, at as soon as possible.


We look forward to seeing everyone there!

Cast of “Mary Poppins”

*US – Understudy



Upper School


Alex Osborne -Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars US – “Mrs. Brill”

Amelia Foley – “Jane Banks”

Anna Hagan – Park Posh Lady/Bank

Carlie Moore – “Mrs. Brill”

Champ Easter – “Von Hussler”/Chimney Sweep US – “George Banks”

Claire Britt – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Daniel Vos – “Admiral Boom”/”Bank Chairman”

Elizabeth Oliver – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Ellie Cunningham – Park Nanny/Chatterbox

Emma Fellows – “Miss Lark”

Emma Karesh – “Mrs. Banks”

Emma Martin – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Gracen Mitchell – “Mary Poppins”

Iris Chen – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Jackson Biemiller – “Robertson Ay”

Jackson Pope – “Neleus”/Chimney Sweep US – “Bert”

Jacob Sheley – “Northbrook” US – “Robertson Ay”

Jesseca Nivens – “Mrs. Corry”

Kaki Nease – Park Nanny/Bank

Katie Eckman – “Queen Victoria” US – “Bird Woman”

Kitri Post – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Kurt Drescher – “Policeman”/Chimney Sweep/Bank

Lydia Iardino – Park Stroller/Bank

Lydia Sims – “Miss Andrew”

Marc Biemiller  – “Bert”

Melissa Staton – Toy/Bank

Natalie Price – “Fannie” US – “Mrs. Banks”

Nathan Whetmore – Park(Vicar)/Bank

Novia Wu – Statue/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Rebecca Bradley – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Rebekah Branch – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Sara Sullivan – “Annie”/Chimney Sweep

Sarah Drewry – “Katie Nana”/Chimney Sweep/ Chatterbox US – “Mrs. Corry”

Shae O’Connor – Statue/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Skylar Christianson – “Miss Smythe”/Chimney Sweep US – “Miss Andrew”

Turner Stevens – Bank/Chimney Sweep/Bank

Zach Elton – “George Banks”


Middle School


Alayna Wilson – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Allie Collins – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars US – “Teddy Bear”

Ashley Dalsania – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Austin Bakhsh – “Michael Banks”

Bailey Connor – “Bird Woman”

Bella Padgett – Statue/Chimney Sweep/Stars

Darrin Miller – Toy/Kites

Eliana Ferrez-Souza – Park/Bank

Jasmine Bakhsh – Toy/Kites

Keely Paul – Park/Bank

Lex Brewster – Bank/Chimney Sweep

Marina Ferrez-Souza – Park/Bank

Mason Sprinkel – Statue/Bank

Matthew Foley – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars US – “Mr. Punch”

Morgan Axtell – “Teddy Bear”/Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep US – “Jane Banks”

Olivia Howes – Bank/Toy

Reese Domanski – Park/Kites

Rylee Mertz – “Penguin”/Toy/Kites

Saige Walea – “Valentine”/Banks

Samuel Taylor – “Messenger”/Bank

Shannon Foley – Chatterbox/Chimney Sweep/Stars US – “Valentine”

Will Baker – Statue/Bank US – “Michael Banks”

Will Hancock – “Park Keeper”/Banks


Lower School

Amelia Branch – Toy/Park

Ashlyn Campbell – Toy/Park

Audrey Wilson – Chatterbox/Park/Kites

Briana Paez – Park/Kites

Campbell Wagner – Park/Kites

Elena Tovar – “Ballerina”/”Graces”/ Stars

Ella Speir – “Penguin”/Toy/Kites

Emma Campbell – Park/Kites

Ethan Byrd – Toy/Kites

Isabelle Hicks – Park

Isabelle Williams – Park

Jaxon Maish – Park Gardener/Bank

Katherine Ringham – Chatterbox/Park/Kites

Lashlee Hagan – Bank/Park

Lucas Walden – “Mr. Punch”/ Park

Lucy Smith Biemiller – Toy/Kites/Stars

Lucy Thompson – “Doll”/”Graces”/Stars

Mackenzie Greene – “Graces”/Toy/Stars

Madeline Karpas – Chatterbox/Toy/Kites

Mary Kendrick Oliver – Chatterbox/Toy/Stars

Sarah Hagan – Park/Kites

Wes Baker – Park/Toy