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Chapel is the coming together of students, teachers and administration on a weekly basis.  This special time is a dedicated segment of the week’s lessons and activities when each school section comes together in an act of worship of our Heavenly Father and Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

This time is carved from the action packed weekly schedule from PreK to fifth grade, sixth to eighth and from 9th to 12th grade. Each Chapel program begins with the pledges to the American Flag, the Christian flag and to the Bible.  Prayer serves as the opening and ending of each meeting. During these precious minutes together the faculty works together to plan age appropriate lessons on God’s love.  These adult leaders often share their own testimony and share their life-changing relationship with Jesus.

Thankfully, Savannah and the surrounding areas are filled with exceptional speakers.  From the sweetest stories of David and Goliath and singing, “Jesus Loves Me” to hearing a first-hand account of a missionary’s work in Uganda, the memories and the lessons taught during Chapel shape the worldview of each person in the room.  It is in these moments that we know we are developing the whole person to the glory of God!


Through a generous donor to our Spiritual Emphasis Program, twelve SCPS Upper School students are able to attend the two week Summit Worldview Conference at Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. The students continue to share what they learn with the student body by assisting with small group discussions during Spiritual Emphasis Week and meeting together as the Summit Club.

Summit’s Student Worldview Conferences are intensive two-week retreats designed to Upper School teach students how to analyze the various ideas that are currently competing for their hearts and minds. Each summer, nine two-week conferences are held in Colorado, Tennessee, and California.

You are engaged in a battle. Ideas come at you from every direction, and few know how to make sense of the world. Few know how to think Christianly. Few know what they believe; and fewer still, why they believe it. Equip yourself. Learn to equip others.