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Lower School


Grade / Ages

STEAM ClubAll Lower School
Girls on the Run3rd-5th
Art Club3rd-5th
Brownies/Jr. Girl Scoutsages 7-11
Pooler Karate1st-5th grade
Snapology (2)PK/K
Snapology (1)1st-5th
Sweet FeetPreK-1st
Sport Performance 3602nd-6th
Spring is in the Air Cooking ClassPreK-5th
Adventures in EtiquettePreK-5th
AAG (gymnastics)PreK-5th
Spanish Exchange ClubPreK-K
Happy Feet DancePk-1st
Frame Language “FRENCH”Pk-5th
Brazillian Jiu Jitsu w/Pooler KaratePk-5th

Middle School

Middle School students choose a club from more than 15 offerings. Students meet with their clubs once a week for a period of 8-10 weeks, and then try a different club. Clubs are designed to expose students to a variety of interests. Faculty advises the students during these 30 minute sessions.

Middle School Club Listing

Campus Service

Ongoing assistance with tasks requested by teachers – bulletin board prep, assistance in lower school classrooms;  created and donated jars for Coins for Cure collections; participate in campus cleanup; create notes to be included in snack bags for P.A.C.K.

Student Leadership

Provides leadership training as well as training on public speaking, leadership topics. Students lead the pledges at chapel, assist teachers and students, write welcome letters to rising 5th graders among other things.

Backyard Games

Students learn rules of games like Wiffle ball, kickball, capture the flag, and relay-type games while getting a chance to run and play.


Students use techniques related to creative thinking that require planning, organizing, drafting and creating arts and craft products like magnets, 3D art, leaf people, sidewalk scriptures, ornaments


Multiple groups play 4 on 4  or other variations. Emphasis on learning the rules, fair competition, teamwork, and overall fitness and agility.

Board Games

Students play a variety of board games that require learning/following rules, fair play, teamwork and cooperation.


Students get time to relax and enjoy coloring, drawing, and dot to dot activities.

Solo Singing

Students get a chance to showcase their love of music in a small setting.

House of Cards

Students learn and play games that require strategic thinking skills (99, rummy, Egyptian rat slap, and card tricks. No gambling involved!)


Involves problem-solving, logical thinking, prediction, and other critical /strategic thinking skills to solve acrostics, Sudoku, word puzzles, etc.

Study Hall

Time to complete HW or ready before the weekend


A tile-based game that encourages mathematical and strategic thinking

Strategy Games

Encourages problem-solving, mathematical skills, and logical thinking through playing games such as Yahtzee, Phase 10, and Uno.

Soccer Skills

Students practice basic skills and learn exercises/drills to improve stamina, fitness, and agility.

Beta Club

Students learn about and take on leadership roles/responsibilities, plan and practice for the upcoming Beta Convention, and determine, plan, and implement campus service projects.

Community Service

Supports teacher needs which include reading to LS students, getting classroom materials ready, etc.


Students are divided into teams and compete against each other (similar to how US plays). Emphasis on fitness and agility.


Upper School

Upper School clubs may participate in a variety of clubs outside of the classroom. Clubs enrich student life by providing growth-promoting opportunities in areas such as service, global studies, service and leadership, among others.

Upper School Club Listing

Awakening:  Student-led Bible study for students who would like to hang out with other Christian to share faith and friendship. All interested students are welcome; no dues. Meet once or twice a month during Club Time and lunch.  

Best Buds: Students visit elementary classes to assist with reading, classroom crafts, and activities. Be a buddy to a little. All interested students grades 9-12 are welcome. You will visit your “best buds” 1-2 times a month. 

Meeting once a month for 30 minutes. Students will be scheduled for classroom visits during chapel time. 

Enchanting Encounters:

Members – Anyone with a heart to serve through performance based activities will be welcome! Mainly students who are part of the Drama and Theater Production classes currently, or who will be 2nd semester.
Purpose – To use our God given gifts of acting, singing, and/or dancing to brighten the lives of children/others who are patients/parents/support staff/teachers/students/retired folks at Memorial Children’s Hospital, SCPS Childcare Center, SCPS Lower School, local retirement communities, as costumed characters.
Meeting – Once per week to develop characters, and rehearse dialogue used during visits.
Visits – Once per month, different character groups will meet during or after school on a scheduled day, get into hair/make-up/costume, and then travel to locations mentioned above. We will return to the Drama classroom after to change out of costumes and debrief.

FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes:  A group of students uniting their passion for faith and athletics to impact our community for Jesus Christ.  Sponsor: Johnny Anderson & Kevin Wetmore Contact:

Video Production Club: designed to provide students with opportunities and experiences to learn the art of filmmaking. Throughout the school year the club will support students as they chose collaborative videography topics from concept to release.  In addition to these, the club will also film events around the school to help raise school spirit and help to market the school.  

Fine Arts ClubFine Arts Club- Members will be contributing to the Memory Project by painting portraits of children in orphanages around the world.  Club meets in the art room.  

Health Professions Club exposes students to aspects of various healthcare professions in the community and promotes health awareness to students, faculty and staff. Here at SCPS, we invite guest speakers to educate students on their daily life in their chosen health profession and run campaigns for healthcare issues at school (ex. heart disease, mental health, etc.).  

Military History Club:  students who are interested in Military History.  The club holds events on weekends throughout the school year.  Interested students should see Mr. Barnwell or one of the club members.  

Political Debate Club:  Members engage in debates bi-monthly about politics, Supreme Court decisions, and current issues.  Students will also cover all school elections. All interested students are welcome. 

Science Seminar: Sponsor: Cheree Edenfield. Contact info:

Service Club:  Students perform community service for SCPS and our community.  All interested students are welcome. Dues: $15 (checks made out to SCPS).   Sponsor: Beth Straight & Shane Krotz Contact 

International Student Association: Students will get together to learn about different countries’ cultures and customs. We are hoping to share videos and discussions about different customs and festivals. We will also make food and hold special events for festival times. All interested students from grades 9-12 are welcome to our meetings! We will have meetings once per month during Club Time.  


Beta Club:  recognizes sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are high academic achievers.  Inductees must also have exemplary conduct. Members must have semester GPA’s of 88 or above in all classes.  By invitation only.

Societe Honoraire de Francais (French National Honor Society):  This is a national honor society for students who excel in French and have minimum of 90% average over the last 3 semesters of French.  Eligible students are 2nd semester French II students and above, by invitation only. Dues: $20 for cords for graduating seniors, dues, and certificates.

Mu Alpha Theta:  Open to any Upper School student who have completed 2 years of high school math and are in their 3rd year of high school math. Members must have an 85 or higher in all high school math classes.  Members tutor other lower, middle, and high school students in math.

National Honor Society: recognizes upperclassmen who are academically dedicated and community service minded. Inductees must be currently taking at least one advanced or AP class, have exemplary conduct, and participate in community service projects.  Dues: $10. By invitation only.

Rho Kappa: RHO KAPPA is a national social studies honor society open to juniors or seniors. Members must have a grade of 90 or above in all college prep social studies classes or 85 or above in advanced/AP social studies classes. Also, members must have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher and be willing to participate in a service project and/or complete volunteer hours.

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society): This is a national honor society for students who excel in Spanish. Eligible students must be enrolled in second semester Spanish II or higher, and must have achieved at least a 90% average for their cumulative high school Spanish courses.

Academic Teams

Academic Quiz Bowl:  Members compete in academic competition matches and tournaments utilizing knowledge of math, English, history, science, and popular culture.  Intramural competitions are held during lunch a couple of days a week. All interested students are welcome. 

Literary Team:  Students participate in the Region Literary Competitions in March.  Open auditions are held in September for Solo, Trio, and Quartet positions. Rehearsal will begin in October for all singing events. English teachers will help in selecting students for Extemporaneous Speaking and Essay. Oral Presentation: Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo participation will be selected from the first semester Drama class. 

Math Team:  The Math Team competes in several regional Tournaments. The events are usually held at colleges around the state. Usually, they are divided up into Junior varsity (9 and 10 grades) and varsity(11 and 12 grades). This year the Math Team is also looking for some on-line competitions to up our game! The club usually does not meet until the second semester when the competitions are held. Students will do practice testing for the events. All interested students are welcome.  Meeting date/place: Does not begin until 2nd Semester     

Science Olympiad: Students compete in a competition of 23 events from a variety of science disciplines.  Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. Participating in it can help you gain in-depth scientific knowledge as well as other skills that will be useful in college. Teams consist of up to 15 students.  


Student Life Committee/ Student Government Council: Membership of four persons per grade will be selected through an application process. Members will represent the student body to communicate with administration and may be involved with decisions made about the student body. Members will also assist in organization and manpower for school functions, athletic events, charitable activities, and routine school procedures. Applications can be picked up from the front office following Clubapalooza.

Prom Committee: Membership is for Juniors who are interested in creating the 2019 Prom.  There is an application process and committee meeting attendance is required.  Members will assist in developing the theme, decor, favors and music for the Prom. The Prom is April 5, 2019 at the Savannah Golf Club.