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Lower School

Lower School



Etiquette Class with a Trip to 17Hundred90 K-5th
Scoops Lacrosse PreK-5th
Snapology 1st-5th
Golf Squad K-3rd
Pooler Karate K-5th
Adventures in Cooking K-5th
Learn to Speak French in “Frame Languages” PreK-5th
Snapology PreK-Kindergarten
Art Workshop 3rd-5th
Tormenta FC Futures Soccer PreK-5th
Art Workshop K-2nd

Middle School

Middle School students choose a club from more than 15 offerings. Students meet with their clubs once a week for a period of 8-10 weeks, and then try a different club. Clubs are designed to expose students to a variety of interests. Faculty advises the students during these 30 minute sessions.

Middle School Club Listing

Arts & Crafts–This club challenges students to express their creativity while using problem solving and critical thinking skills.

Basketball–Get on the courts and get some exercise during competition that promotes teamwork and good sportsmanship.

Beading Madness–This club provides valuable information on how to make jewelry from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. Students will learn beading and wire-working techniques, how to create their own unique line of jewelry, how to use colors that complement each other, and how to use beading tools. A list of items to be purchased will be distributed on the first day.

Beginning Band 6th—Think you might want to play an instrument in the school band? Give this club a try!

Beta Club–This club promotes the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership. Current Beta Club members and those invited to join are eligible.

Board Games–Try your hand at some “old school” board games. Have fun and learn to think more strategically.

Chess Club— Want to learn the basics of chess? Already know how to play? Playing chess enhances creativity, power of concentration, critical thinking, memory skill and ability!

Card Games Club–This club teaches students patience, critical thinking, math strategies, and reasoning skills while learning to play a variety of card games (e.g. Go Fish, Concentration, Old Maid, Uno, Rummy, Five Crowns, etc.)

Girls Club— This club addresses girls’ concerns. Girls will study how God values females and how we can be beautiful on the inside.

Home Economics Club— This club focuses on teaching principles relating to various aspects of family and consumer science. Students will learn and practice skills like daily finance, safety, cooking, sewing, gardening, and babysitting.

Lego Club— Art, architecture, and science come together in this club where students will take on challenging builds for complex figures.

Marching Band— Get a head start on preparing for marching band.

Math Tutoring–Need a little extra help in a small group? Now’s the time to sign up!

Music Appreciation Club— Explore music from various genres and time periods.

Origami–Students will learn how to fold paper into decorative shapes and figures through the Japanese art form of origami. Students will also explore the Japanese art of suminagashi, the technique use to create gorgeous marbled paper to add extra flair to origami figures.

Puzzles Club— Have fun and keep your mind sharp! Students can pick from a variety of puzzles to work on each week or they are welcome to bring their own.

Robotics Club— Robotics offers students a totally hands-on introduction to concepts of engineering and mechanics. Students work in teams to design and program their own contraptions for various challenges. The robots students build will have to navigate mazes, adapt to their environment, and life and move objects.

Sketchbook Club— Grab your pencils and sketch pads and let’s get drawing!

Solo singing–Show off your special talents by joining this musically oriented club!

Student Leadership–This is an excellent opportunity to develop your leadership skills through school/community service and independent initiatives. Teacher recommendation/approval required.

Yearbook/Newspaper 7/8 Club— 7th and 8th graders help produce the middle school yearbook and create memories that will last a lifetime while learning about digital photography, layout, production, and marketing. Students will learn about newspaper production as well.

Upper School

Upper School clubs may participate in a variety of clubs outside of the classroom. Clubs enrich student life by providing growth-promoting opportunities in areas such as service, global studies, service and leadership, among others.

Upper School Club Listing

Awakening:  A student-led Bible study for students who would like to hang out with other Christians to share faith, food, and friendship. All interested students are welcome. Awakening meets 1-2 times a month during Advisory and/or lunch in Mrs. Wetmore’s room (18).
Contact: Mrs. Wetmore; [email protected]

Enchanting Encounters: This is open to anyone with a heart to serve through performance based activities! The purpose is to use God given gifts of acting, singing, and/or dancing to promote literacy, perform acts of kindness, and send positive messages out into the world as costumed characters. Meetings— Once per month during advisory.
Contact: Mrs.Stembridge; [email protected]

FCA- Fellowship of Christian Athletes:  A group of students uniting their passion for faith and athletics to impact our community for Jesus Christ.
Contact:  Mr. Anderson; [email protected] & Mr. Wetmore; [email protected]

Fine Arts Club: Students create teams to enter the Gingerbread Competition at the Westin Savannah Harbor.  The deadline is November 21.
Dues: $10  Contact: Ms. Richardson; [email protected] & Mr. Broadnax; [email protected]

Health Professions Club: Students are exposed to aspects of various healthcare professions in the community and promotes health awareness to students, faculty, and staff. Here at SCPS, we invite guest speakers to educate students on their daily life in their chosen health profession and run campaigns for healthcare issues at school (ex. heart disease, mental health, etc.).
Dues: $10.
Contact: Ms. Mercer;

Military History Club: Students with an interest in this subject will have an opportunity to gather for game days, movies, and field trips to local historic sites/museums. Open to grades 9-12.
Contact: Mr. Edenfield; [email protected]

Political Debate Club:  Members engage in debates bi-monthly about politics, Supreme Court decisions, and current issues. All interested students are welcome.
Contact: Mrs. Dressel and Ms. Rushing; [email protected] and [email protected]

Service Club:  Students perform community service for SCPS and our community.  All interested students are welcome.  All service projects are paid for using dues.
Dues: $25 (includes a club t-shirt).
Contact: Mrs. Krotz and Mrs. Schretzman; [email protected] and [email protected]

International Student Association: Students will get together to learn about different countries’ cultures and customs. We are hoping to share videos and discussions about different customs and festivals. We will also make food and hold special events for festival times. All interested students from grades 9-12 are welcome to our meetings!
Contact: Mr. Warner; [email protected]

Language Tables: Students will have the opportunity to meet for lunch once a month to speak in Spanish, French, or Chinese together over lunch. We will get our lunch during club time and meet in a teacher’s room for a fun hour of speaking in another language. Sometimes we will have special cultural meal events. No Dues. All grades are welcome.
Contact: Mrs. Krotz;  [email protected]


Société Honoraire de Français (French National Honor Society):  This is a national honor society for students who have a minimum of a 90 average over the previous 3 semesters of French.  Eligible students are 2nd semester French II students and above, by invitation only.
Dues: $25 for dues, certificates, and sashes for graduating seniors.
Contact: Mrs. Peebles; [email protected]

Mu Alpha Theta:  Open to any Upper School student who has completed 2 years of high school math and are in his/her 3rd year of high school math. Members must have a 90 or higher semester average in all high school math classes.  Members are required to tutor lower and middle school students.  Members must have a prep period or be capable of tutoring before or after school.
Dues: $10 for new members, $5 for seniors
Contact: Ms. Faircloth; [email protected]

National Honor Society: Membership in this chapter is an honor bestowed upon deserving sophomore, junior, and senior students and is based on the criteria of scholarship, service, leadership, and character. To be eligible for selection to membership in this chapter, the candidate must have attended SCPS for a minimum of one semester prior to induction. Applications will be available in November.
Dues:  $10
Contact: Ms. Baldwin; [email protected]

Rho Kappa: RHO KAPPA is a national social studies honor society open to juniors and seniors. Members must have a grade of 90 or above in all college prep social studies classes or 85 or above in Pre-AP/AP social studies classes. Also, members must have an overall GPA of 3.5 or higher and be willing to participate in a service project and/or complete volunteer hours.
Dues: $20
Contact: Mr. Edenfield; [email protected]

Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica (Spanish Honor Society): This is a national honor society for students who excel in Spanish. Eligible students must be enrolled in second semester Spanish II or higher, must be in 10th-12th grades, and must have achieved at least a 90 average for their cumulative high school Spanish courses.
Dues: $25
Contact: Mrs. Krotz and Mrs. Kramer; [email protected] and [email protected] 

Academic Teams

Academic Quiz Bowl:  Members compete in academic competition matches and tournaments utilizing knowledge of math, English, history, science, and popular culture.  Intramural competitions are held during lunch a couple of days a week. All interested students are welcome.
Contact: Mrs. Meredith; [email protected]

Literary Team:  Students participate in the Region Literary Competitions in March.  Open auditions are held in September for Solo, Trio, and Quartet positions. Rehearsal will begin in October for all singing events. English teachers will help in selecting students for Extemporaneous Speaking and Essay. Oral Presentation: Dramatic, Humorous, and Duo participation will be selected from the first semester Drama class.
Contact: Mrs. Stembridge; [email protected]

Math Team:  The Math Team competes in several regional tournaments. The events are usually held at colleges around the state. Usually they are divided up into junior varsity (9th and 10th grades) and varsity (11th and 12th grades). This year the Math Team is also looking for some on-line competitions to up our game! The club begins meeting in the second semester. There will be practice tests before the tournaments. All interested students are welcome.
Contact: Mr. Jefferson and Mr. Rhodes; [email protected] and [email protected]

Science Olympiad: Students compete in a competition of 23 events from a variety of science disciplines.  Each year, a portion of the events are rotated to reflect the ever-changing nature of genetics, earth science, chemistry, anatomy, physics, geology, mechanical engineering and technology. Participating in this team can help you gain in-depth scientific knowledge as well as other skills that will be useful in college. Teams consist of up to 15 students.
Dues: $20 – This includes the price of a club t-shirt.
Contact: Mr. Vandenhouten; [email protected]


Student Life: Applications and selection take place during the summer. Student Life exists to provide leadership training to SCPS students by empowering them to impact their school community. Our goals are to promote a positive school community, provide opportunities for leadership training, leadership growth, and selfless service, and contribute to school spirit and student unity.
Contact: Mrs. Harmon; [email protected] & Mrs. Dressel; [email protected]

Student Ministry Team/Committee: Assists faculty with sound, music, message, etc at chapel. Welcomes and assists chapel speakers.
Contact: Mr. Warner; [email protected]

Prom Committee: Membership is for juniors who are interested in creating the 2020 Prom.  There is an application process and committee meeting attendance is required.  Members will assist in developing the theme, decor, favors and music for the Prom. The Prom is April 3, 2020 at the Savannah Golf Club.
Contact: Mrs. Royal; [email protected]