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This year’s spring musical is Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

New this year— You MUST sign up electronically prior to audition dates. Click here to register.

Preliminary Auditions

Date: Saturday, September 19th, Eckburg Center
Time: 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
3rd through 12th Grades

This time is to allow all students an opportunity to become familiar with the stage. meet the panel who will make casting selections, and get a head-start on learning the dance and songs that will be taught and performed for Main Auditions. Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School students are encouraged to attend, no matter what cast role they desire. 

For Upper School and Middle School Students: This is your opportunity to prepare and perform a one minute monologue and one minute of a cappella music to show the audition panel what you can do when you have time to prepare. For Main Auditions, you will just be doing cold reads from the script, which can be harder to showcase your skills and talent. So come prepared on September 19th to perform your one-minute monologue and song for the audition panel!

 For Lower School Students: You are invited to prepare a one minute monologue and one minute of a cappella music to show the audition panel what you can do when you have time to prepare. However, if you are not ready to perform individually, plan to come anyway to participate in activities with other Lower School students to become comfortable with the audition environment.

Main Auditions

Date: Saturday, September 26th, Eckburg Center
Lower School Auditions: 9:00 AM
Middle School Auditions: 12:30 PM
Upper School Auditions: 4:00 PM

General Audition Notes:

Students should wear a mask to auditions. Masks will be kept on except when singing or reading lines, and during those times students will be spaced following theatre/vocal performance protocols.

Come in comfortable clothes and sneakers ready to sing and dance.  No Flip-flops, Crocs, etc.

No parents or siblings will be permitted to remain in the building during auditions. A parent may escort their student into the Eckburg lobby to check-in but then will need to exit the building, as students will be escorted straight to the small group he/she will be assigned to for the audition process. Students will stay with the same small group of students the entire time he/she is at auditions.

A headshot will be taken at the audition.  You do not need to bring a photo to the audition.

Please have someone wait for your student outside or you can leave and return.  Auditions on September 26th should last about 2 hours – depending on the number of students auditioning. Your flexibility with this matter is appreciated.

Students will learn a brief dance and song during the audition process. Middle and High School students will be reading from portions of the show’s script that will be provided at the audition. Lower School students will be participating in improvisation exercises for the audition panel.


Questions or conflicts with the main audition date?
Contact Donna Stembridge, Director, at