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Perfection.  A word that former UGA kicker Jamie Lindley identifies with on and off the field.  Lindley worked to perfect of 54 kick-offs in 2012 against such teams at Auburn, Tennessee, and Alabama. lindley in uga jersey

That desire to raise the bar is part of his success today as director of operations for Byrd’s Famous Cookies in Savannah.

jamie head shot“The job has to get done,” said Lindley.  “It applies here at Byrd.  The two most important things are production and teamwork.  I pride myself, along with my co-workers, on how well we can get an order processed, baked, packed, and shipped.  Our philosophy of being as efficient and productive as possible has really been grounded for me and for our employees.”

South Magazine recently highlighted several successful UGA alumni with our own Jamie Lindley being among them.  We caught up with Jamie on the job at the world famous Byrd Cookie Company to reflect on his time at SCPS.

Here is Jamie in his own words.

“I absolutely cherished my time at UGA, but I also have a different type of admiration for my time at Savannah Christian. When considering the school as a whole, there was an overall warm-feel that gave the students and faculty a sense of family. Today, I feel like I could walk into a classroom or go to a football game or attend a fundraiser and feel right at home. I tried to be respectful toward all of my teachers and coaches while I was in high school, and I received nothing but the same in return. SCPS stuck with me.lindley at byrd

In third grade, I was struggling pretty badly with my studies. Mrs. Meyer worked with my parents, and by the time I was in fifth grade, I was at the top of my class. I went through middle school and finished as the top student in each grade for all three years.  Upper school wasn’t as prosperous for me, but I still did well.

Academically, Mrs. LeBlang and Dr. Graham stand out to me. Entering college, I was extremely well prepared in Spanish and Biology. These teachers made a lasting impact on my knowledge in these fields.

To comment specifically on sports, Coach Chumley, Coach Jackson, and Coach Barnwell helped shape me into the college athlete that I was. Honestly, playing football at UGA was a lot of times easier than the stuff that Coach Chumley had us doing. I trusted his intentions/plans, and it’s too bad that former methods aren’t more common nowadays.

What’s funny is that the people from SCPS that I still keep up with were all teammates of mine. Jonathan Hester (baseball), Tyler Sumner (football), Russell Demasi chumley with lindley(football), Michael Wolverton (soccer), and Zach Cowart (soccer) are the guys that I still see on a regular basis. This goes to show you of the lasting impact that athletics at Savannah Christian have on alumni. NOTHING compares to running out of the blow-up tunnel on Friday nights, and NOBODY had more fun on nights than we did.”

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