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Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Building 10

Together is the continuation of our vision to provide state-of-the-art facilities along with unparalleled educational programs and athletic opportunities to all Raiders, from Daycare through Upper School!

The $4,650,000, 5-year Goal, of the Together Campaign will enable Savannah Christian Preparatory School to finish several capital projects and to fund athletic and educational programs important to our families and future growth:

  • The Doyle Kelly Middle School Gymnasium
  • Athletics – Fields and Track
  • Lower School Building Refurbishment
  • Campus Safety Enhancements
  • Extra-Curricular Programs and Educational Expansion

Since its beginning, Savannah Christian Preparatory School has been positioned to grow,  wisely and economically. In 1999 we added the Akins Building, then the Daycare Building, and in 2010, our state-of-the-art Eckburg Center for athletics and fine arts.

With proceeds from the sale of the DeRenne Avenue campus, along with contributions to the Tomorrow Begins Today campaign, we opened our new Middle School building, revitalized the cafeteria and completed first stage renovations to the Doyle Kelley Gymnasium. In February 2015, we launched the Today campaign, which exceeded our 3-year goal, raising $1,565,000 in pledges and gifts.


Now, it is time to complete our next step of faith. 



Projects in Progress:

  • Doyle Kelley Gym ($1.5 Million) Renovation plans are in the works for what was formerly the Upper School Gym. It will be named the Doyle Kelley Gym in honor of his many years of faithful service and love to Savannah Christian Prep. The renovation will include updated locker rooms, offices, weight room and flooring.


  • Field and Site Work – We are preparing fields, irrigation, well upgrades and sidewalks. Improvements are being made to the football and practice fields to accommodate all Upper and Middle School student athletes.  An Upper School football practice field will be built near the Eckburg Center.

Auxiliary Projects

  • $275,000 – Fence & Entrance – (FUNDED) Fencing along Chatham Parkway and a new entrance has been completed.

  • Upper School Media Center – (FUNDED) Our Upper School Media Center has undergone a complete transformation due to the receipt of a $97,000 grant from the McClelland Foundation. Please stop in and see this “state of the art” facility.

Completed Projects:

  • Removed the old caretaker’s home on property.
  • Removed the modular building near the Lower School playground.
  • Conducted soil testing and engineering prep-work to facilitate field work on the Chatham Parkway Campus.
  • Merged the DeRenne Lower School with Chatham Parkway Lower School in August 2016.
  • DeRenne Sale – Our sale of the DeRenne is complete. Proceeds from the sale will be applied to the construction of the new Middle School building and/or any urgent project needed to facilitate the one campus plan as deemed by the Board.
  • Removed the “Old Daycare buildings to prepare the site for the new Middle School Campus.
  • New Middle School – We have completely renovated the “Old Daycare Building” to provide new classroom space that consists of 12 academic classrooms with faculty and student restroom facilities.
  • Campus Traffic Plan – Our NEW traffic plan is an efficient way to accommodate the increased number of cars on campus now that all students are on one campus.

Hear from one of our parents on why they give to SCPS!


Jeff Adams
Susan Allen
John T. and Ellene Anderson
Terry Aultman
Audrey Ayers
Bob Adams – JF Smith Group
Brockton and Jocelyn Baker
Ashley and Dana Barnwell
Tara Collins Bartelt
Aileen Bel
Michael and Kim Benson
Jenny Best
Marc and Lucy Biemiller
Cindy Boomhower
Rick and Gail Bond
Travis and Summer Bowen
Brannon and Carol Bowman
Frank and Lucy Brannen
Sharon Brown
Gary and Tracy Brown
Cindy and Chris Burnsed
Lara Buss
Ross and Vicki Butler
Steve and Deborah Carpenter
Brenda Caruthers
Central Industries – Andrew Thompson
Connie Chambers
Cogdell & Mendrala Architects
Tripp Coggins
Dale and DeeDee Colter
Joan Connelly
Dell Cone
Kim Crapse
Mike and Susan Crosby
Bill and Linda Daniel
Marty and Cindy Daniel
Barry and Joy Deal
Susan Donahue
Mary Ann Dudley
Dick and Judy Eckburg
Robert and Cheree Edenfield
Kevin and Jackie Eastman
Ellen Ellington
Jill Elton
Jim and Melissa Emery
Aaron and Whitney Eubank
Steve and Debbie Fairbanks
Danny and Carol Falligant
Linda and George Fidler
Jason Follo
Bob and Kay Ford
Dana Goodman
Brian and Mandi Gunn
Chris and Crawford Hammond
Diane Hayes
Ken and Kim Hayes
Delilah Hicks
Dow and Rhonda Hoffman
Jim and Angie Ivey
Jeff and Julie Jones
Hubert and Victoria Keller
James and Louise Kelley
Doyle and Mary Kelley
Carl Kleeman
The Lewis Foundation
Barbara Lanier
Sonny Lady, Jr.
Monica Lewis
Staci Lucas
Charles and Amy Martin
Donald and Betsy Martin
Lamar and Teresa Mercer
Langley Meredith
Randy and Traci Mertz
Sam McCachern
Clifford & Kathryn McCurry
Jamie and Kendall McCurry
James and Sherry McClain
Col Joan McLeod
William and Ann McQueen
Carey Murns
Craig and Lisa Moore
Sandi and Glen Morgan
Roger and Christina Myers
Renee and Mac Newell
Janice Oliver
Pamela Olson
Richard and Terry Page
Dr. Ruth-Ann Palmer
Raymond and Boo Padgett
Russell and Alexandra Parr
Amy Patrick
Wendi Patrick
Amy and Jason Pearce
Amy Perry
Stacy Pietrocini
Janet Pigott
Danny and Lisa Pinyan
David and Judy Pitre
Nathan and Lauren Potter
Sherwin and Inger Prescott
Travis Priddy
Martyne Rea
Mary Redding
Dusty and Audrey Reynolds
Debbie Rich
Amanda and Jonathan Ringham
Linda Roberts
Roddie and Cindy Robinett
Patty Ronning
Frances Rowland
Michael and Catherine Royal
Richard and Carmen Schooley
Lisa Holtz-Schneider
Seacrest Partners
Kenny and Page Sellers
Brian and Ann Snyder
Susan Spinks
Catherine Smith
Kevin and Kelly Smith
Jerry Smith – JF Smith Group
Robert and Suzette Sprinkel
Jim and Janet Stevenson
Jon and Maria Ternstrom
Linda Terry
Thomas & Hutton
Steve and Carole Tholen
Trent and Jeanine Thompson
Billy and Tara Thurman
Rick and Kris Tindol
Keith and Darlene Tyler
William and Lindsey VanPuffelen
Elizabeth Vickers
Sue Walea
Chris and Stephanie Webb
Allie Wenger
Mike and Daphne Wells
Lenny and Kelly Wells
Jason and Mandi Wells
Carmella Wetula
Kevin and Jackie Wetmore
Whitaker Laboratory, Inc.
Joseph Whitaker
Jack and Christine Wigand
Jason and Faith Williams
Eddie and Ellen Wilson
Donald and Amanda Wilson
Randall and Shari Wilson
Mike and Lynn Wright
Tom and Patricia Wuest
Leslie Wynn
Roger and RuthAnn Yancey
Charles Zimmerman

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