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For information about Lower School After Care and Extended Carpool programs, click HERE.


CARPOOL SECTION CAN NOT BE UPDATED AT THIS TIME.  Please check back in the coming week.  Thank you for understanding.

Need to find a carpool? Fill out the form below and your request will be posted under the Carpool Requests Tab. Also, once you find a carpool, please email so we can remove your request. Thank you!

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Wilmington Island
We have a 3rd grader and looking to share the drive to/from WI. Thank you.
Pooler, Jimmy Deloach Parkway
Looking for carpool to and from school 2 occasionally 3 days a week. I can do remaining days for your child. My son is in 10th grade.
Richmond Hill/ Fort McAllister
Hello, we are looking for someone that could drop off in the afternoons for our 8th grader in Richmond Hill. Would be happy to pick up and take others to school in the mornings. Our office is on Chatham Parkway so mornings are no problem for us. Please call or email 770-625-6278 Jen Hicks 8/14/2017
Port Wentworth
Hello All, looking for someone who is able to drop off and/or picking at Port Wentworth location for my 4th grader son. Please call 9126047559. Thank you
Autumn Lake Subdivision Berwick/Southbridge area
We are looking for an upperschool student who drives or a family who could drop our 6th grade daughter off at the house most afternoons when she does not have after school activities. We will pay gas money and can even help out most mornings.
Whitemarsh Island
We are looking for a carpool for our 6th grade daughter. We could not drive on a regular basis due to our work schedules, but we are willing to pay for gas and could probably drive here and there as needed. Maggie Puccini
Richmond Hill
Just looking for possible carpool to share the drive to and from RH, we have 1 4th grader. Thanks. R
My daughter is an upcoming Jr and new to Savannah Christian. We live in Rincon. She will be able to drive after Christmas, hopefully, so we are looking for a ride to school only, until then. Thank You! Sherri
Richmond Hill
Looking to share daily commute either/ both directions for my rising 4th grader ( male). Please contact me if interested. I / we can drive most any day but would like to share/ lessen the back and forth if we can. Thanks, Rocksan
White Bluff
Need a morning carpool for next school year. We can return the favor in the afternoons if needed..
Derenne campus to Chatham Pkwy campus
Looking for a carpool Mon - Wed during cross country practice from the Derenne campus to Chatham Pkwy campus. Rachel Simons
Guyton/Port Wentworth
Cayman Sheley / Football - 1st Quarter 2016
10th Grade

Need transportation / mornings to school
Afternoon / after football practice

Thanks, Amanda Sheley
Guyton/Port Wentworth Area
Cayman Sheley 10th Grade
Forest Lakes
Have a 9th grader.
Need an occasional ride (maybe once a week) from Chatham Pkwy to the Sandfly area. My daughter is in 2nd grade and will need a ride to her grandmother. I will pay for gas. Thank you in advance!
Dunham Marsh Subdivision (Richmond Hill)
Military family with early mornings to work. Have a 10 years old daughter (5th grade). We are able to share the responsibility.
Effingham County currently/moving to Pooler soon
Please give us a call: The Goodway family. We have a 9th grader entering this year, Aug 2016 to the Chatham Pkwy Campus. Would like to figure something out with another family, pick ups or drop offs. We could speak to work out shifts. (912 )414-1504. Or (912) 508-5541.
Butler Elementary in Savannah
I live in Richmond Hill. I can take students to school in the morning but I am needing someone to pick up my daughter from school and bring her to Butler Elementary School in the evenings.
Whitemarsh Island- off of Bradley Point Road
Both of my boys will be at the middle school next year and I'd like to find a carpool if possible.
portwenworth Agusta road.
My car engine blew have no way to get to work need a carpool that's at least going to derrenne ave and Abercorn
The Landings / Skidaway Island
Our daughter will enter the 9th grade in the Fall and we are interested in carpooling to the Chatham Parkway campus.
The Highlands (Pooler area)
Just exploring the carpooling options in our area.
Guyton - Effingham
Need transportation to Effingham after football practice. This will not be an everyday need. Please contact me at 272-9039 Amanda Sheley (Cayman's Mom) Upper school
We can take our son (8th grade) and whomever else to the DeRenne campus every morning. We are in need for a way home for him in the afternoon.
DeRenne Ave. Campus
I need someone that can pick up our daughter from the DeReene Campus and drop her off at the Habersham YMCA which is 2 miles from the school.

I am willing to pay for gas.

Thank you so much!
Derenne to All American Gymnastics near Oglethorpe Mall-afternoons
I need help getting my daughter to gymnastics in the afternoons...if anyone can help please call me at 912.644.2473
Wilmington Island
Home phone number 912.898.0088.
Teagan Fisher is a 10th grader. 912.675.7531.
Mom cell phone 912.224.1886
The Landings
Hi There. We're moving to Savannah mid July and wanted to find a carpool with some families who also live in The Landings. We will be building in Midpoint and currently have a rental in The Landings close to Midpoint. I have a daughter that is going into 7th grade who will be on the cheer team at SCPS and possibly dance and volleyball once we move down there. I also have a son who will be entering into 4th grade who plays football, basketball and baseball and whatever else he can possibly do. Please feel free to contact me to discuss at 913-314-7571. Thank you=))
The Waverly at The Highlands
I need some assistance in the AM's and PM's. I can take in the AM's 95% of the time picking up can be a challenge. I have a son he is a 9th grader and attends the Upper School campus. I would like to also help out too.

Many Blessings,
Looking to carpool to Pooler. I have a middle school student. I can take kids to school in morning but need help with afternoon pick-up. Maybe I can pick-up your child in the morning and you can pick-up mine in the afternoon!
Port Wentworth / Rincon / Guyton
Looking for carpool from Guyton/Pt. wentworth area. If interested please contact
Richmond Hill
I have 2 kids I take to Chatham Parkway, looking to trade morning drop offs for afternoon pickups back to Richmond Hill. Can flip flop schedule as needed. Contact Randy
I am looking to carpool with someone for my 13 year old from Georgetown
(Sugar Mill Plantation). He is new to the school and will need help with
transportation, mostly in the afternoon.
Black Creek / Blitchton
I am looking for someone to carpool with for my 2 children. We live in the North Bryan (Black Creek/ Blitchton) area.