Savannah Christian Preparatory School - Lower School

Prekindergarten–5th Grade

National Blue Ribbon School
Savannah Christian Prep Lower School—A National School of Excellence, 2011

Savannah Christian Lower School provides educational excellence in a nurturing and supportive Christian environment.  In 2011 it was named one of the top 49 private schools in the United States by the Council for American Private Education.  Shortly thereafter, it was chosen as a National School of Excellence, a Blue Ribbon School, by the United States Department of Education!   It is the high level of student achievement that propelled the Lower School to the national level of recognition, with children scoring in the top 15 percent of the nation on standardized achievement tests.  However, it is the wonderful students, outstanding faculty and dedicated parents who create this exceptional learning environment.

The curriculum incorporates programs in Reading, Phonics and Math that challenge the most capable learners.  Weekly tutoring and instructional support are available for those needing reinforcement.  Writing is emphasized as an essential skill.  Science and Social Studies are taught through the use of textbooks, field trips, research projects and technology.  Specialists in the fields of Art, Music, Spanish, Computer, Media and Physical Education provide a wealth of experiences for Lower School Students, beginning with Pre-Kindergarten.

The Lower School is served by a Parent Teacher Fellowship who is committed to making our school an outstanding setting for learning.  They have made possible Smartboards for every classroom, i-Pads and document cameras for teachers, and Chromebooks and i-Pads for students.  Parents are welcome as volunteers, mystery readers and other ways that they would like to help.

The following commendation was given to our school by Maureen Dowling, Director of the Office on Non-Public Education: “Savannah Christian Lower School has clearly evidenced a commitment to educational excellence and high academic achievement for all students.  We commend the faculty, staff, students and parents of the Savannah Christian community for their efforts in creating an environment of success.”

Dr. Ruth Ann Palmer

Assistant Principal
Sherry McClain

Assistant Principal
Suzette Sprinkel

 Chatham Parkway (912) 721-2140

The curriculum incorporates programs in Reading, Phonics and Math that challenge the most capable learners.  Writing is emphasized as an essential skill.  Children are taught keyboarding skills beginning in first grade and they also learn to write in cursive in second grade.  Science and Social Studies are taught through the use of textbooks, field trips, research projects and technology.

Opportunities for Acceleration

Opportunities for acceleration are given to children at every grade level.  While the curriculum is appropriately challenging, there is a sensitivity to the needs of the child who is ready for more. Every grade level offers the opportunity for Accelerated Reading, using books that take them above grade level.  Likewise, Spelling lessons incorporate above grade level words and Math is enhanced by the use of digital programs and accelerated instruction.

Resource Specialists

Specialists in the fields of Art, Music, Spanish, Computer, Physical Education and Media provide a wealth of experiences for Lower School students, beginning with Pre-Kindergarten.  Each teacher is an expert in his/her field.  A host of strategies and resources are brought into the classroom, making both teaching and learning a delight.


Success breeds success!  At Savannah Christian we love to celebrate the successes of our children.  We have many ways of doing that.  Younger children delight in earning praise, a special privilege or a trip to the Treasure Box!  In addition, older children are rewarded by earning academic honors and Christian Character recognition.

Quarterly Honors

Children in Grades 3, 4, and 5 are eligible for Honors at the end of each quarter.  They are recognized at a special chapel service and parents are invited to attend.  Frequently our Headmaster confers the most prestigious certificate on those who qualify.  More than 60% of those who are eligible regularly achieve honors!

National Elementary Honor Society

Savannah Christian is a founding chapter in the NEHS.  Its standards are set by the national organization and include both high academic standing and exemplary character.  Children in Grades 4 and 5 are eligible for this honorary membership.

The Talent Identification Program

Children in Grades 4 and 5 are eligible to be recommended to Duke University for its Talent Identification Program, better known as TIP.  To qualify, a student must score in the 95th percentile in Reading or Math on a nationally standardized achievement test and have earned High Honor Roll or Headmaster’s List during the previous six quarters.


The coveted Barnabas Award is presented to one or more deserving children in each classroom in Grades 2 through 5.  The school identifies a commendable character quality each month and the child who most exemplifies that characteristic is chosen by his/her teacher.  Consistent with this high standard, children value being truthful, responsible and treating others as they want to be  treated (the Golden Rule).

Before & After School Care Programs

Experienced SCPS staff members lead many programs that provide quality care and enrichment for SCPS pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students. For those SCPS parents who have commitments prior to the beginning of the official school day, a Before School Care option is available from 6:30–7:50. After school, students can join the Extended Carpool group, from 2:45-4:00, or the After School Care program, from 2:45–6:00. For many of the school holidays, Holiday Care is provided. Also, throughout the summer, a biblically themed SCPS Summer Camp is conducted from 6:30 a.m.–6:00 p.m. We endeavor to come alongside the family to provide the extra care they need as best we are able throughout the school year.

Click HERE to access the Before & After School Care weebly page with all the information you need.

Click HERE to view the After Care registration form.

Click HERE to view the Extended Carpool Care form.

After School Activity Program (ASAP)

Savannah Christian Preparatory Lower School is pleased to offer many afternoon activities through our After-School Activities Program (ASAP). Both the Girl Scouts (Daisy, Brownie and Junior Troops) and the Cub Scouts (Tiger, Wolf, Bear and Webelos of Pack 11) meet on our Chatham Parkway Campus. Our offerings are numerous and varying. Become active with the All American Gymnastics, Little Raider Cheerleading, Coastal Performing Dance, Sweet Feet Soccer, and Raider Wrestling. Use your artistic talents in Mrs. Gray’s Artist Workshop or Miss Shealy music lessons. Study etiquette and the culinary arts in Eti-Kit and Cooking classes. Future engineers can get hands-on experience in Snapology. Learn more about culture in Mrs. Lingle’s Spanish Club! There is something for everyone!

Click HERE more information on this opportunity for your child!

No two children are alike nor do they learn the same way. Savannah Christian Lower School nurtures the child who exhibits learning differences, using data to target needs and a wide variety of strategies to promote understanding. We also celebrate victories!

Learning Support Center

The Learning Resource Center provides daily instruction in the areas of Reading, Spelling and Math. Children are referred for this service by the classroom teacher or parent. Data is used to identify specific needs and a plan is developed to target those areas. A capable and compassionate teacher works with each child, individually or in a small group, for at least 45 minutes daily. Children “graduate” from this program as soon as targeted goals are met!

Learning Support Center

Teacher Tutorial

Classroom teachers give of their personal or planning time to assist children in their classes. Up to an hour a week is set aside to help any child who is experiencing difficulty with a concept or skill.


In an effort to work together to help each SCPS student in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade develop to the glory of God, each Lower School campus has a group of amazing volunteer parents who meet with the Lower School administration monthly.  A full calendar of events, supported by a plethora of parent committees who work in tandem with what the teachers are teaching, helps to create a full-orbed curriculum for each grade level.  True fellowship is enjoyed by all.

PTF Sponsored Events

Parents lend their enthusiastic support to make possible many special experiences for our children. Among their numerous services, they play a key role in the learning activities for Georgia Day, the games for Super Saturday and the warm welcome we give to guests and special friends for Grandparents’ Days.

Endless Support

The PTF makes possible a rich learning environment for our youngsters.  Most recently this vital arm of the school has supported classroom instruction by funding two carts with 48 chromebooks, to be used by students in Grades 3, 4 and 5!  They also assisted in making possible 25 new computers for the Computer Lab and provided an iPad for each teacher!  Our parents are a key to the amazing progress made by our children and the support felt by our teachers.


Click below for PDF files containing the suggested reading materials for PreK-4th grade and the required reading assignments for 5th grade.

PreK-K Reading List 2016
1st Grade Reading List 2016

2nd Grade Reading List 2016
3rd Grade Reading List 2016
4th Grade Reading List 2016
5th Grade Reading List 2016

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